Sunday, December 1, 2013

Treading lightly

still in the middle

Vada was full of mixed feelings. She would just have to endure.

She loved having Thanksgiving with a family. A real family, one with a mom and a dad, even if they were Henry's family. Was she supposed to feel guilty about that?

Of course, she'd came around later to see how things were with her foster Mom and her crew. She'd had pumpkin pie and helped clean up. Even got to see Evy.

She was beginning to think maybe Evy had a real heart, after all. Maybe under that tough exterior of hers was a really sweet girl who did need them, after all. Well, she had Ray and she was full of laughter. Really, Vada was happy to see them both. So really Thanksgiving was a good time for her. She didn't know why she had to feel so sad about it now.

But there was no Black Friday for Vada, she was at the theater early, running over her lines. The play was next week, and she had butterflies in her stomach. Already. No, it felt more like dragons. She was certain she'd throw up, especially on opening night.

"What's the matter?" Roman looked at her as if she might have the urge to upchuck on him at this very moment. He reminded her she was the lead.

Vada glared at him as if she could not speak. She stared at him intently, as if she'd really have to do a lot of acting if she wanted to play his love interest. Vada could hardly concentrate on her lines. Especially, after what she'd heard him say about Josie.

"Did I do something wrong?" He looked at her puzzled as if something like this never happened before. After all, he was perfect.

"Yes, you did." But she said nothing more. She left him hanging as the curtains were drawn, and they were about to have their opening scene.

jama and ian

Jama knew it now. Yes, she'd changed him. Ian was not the little boy she remembered.

Maybe, it was being here in all this cloudy weather that darkened his hair, but somehow made his eyes just a little brighter. It was hard to say when it happened.

Possibly, he was just growing up. But she was certain his own family wouldn't recognize him. Not that her father could complain. Ian was a hard worker and he really loved the kitchen. Yes, the establishment might be known for more than just a place for drinking games and darts. They could get real pub food. Hearty sandwiches and chips and fish.

Of course, he might be settling.

It was a word she didn't like. But maybe it wasn't such an awful word. Jama knew he was good to her, and he'd do what she wanted. Of course, it made herself mad thinking on it. Ian could do better. So much better. If she kept thinking that way, it was like digging herself a hole to bury herself in, but then life kept going. And she was going to have Ian baby.

"Don't you miss it?" She asked him as they were closing down the pub for the night. "Thanksgiving?"

"I dunno. The dinner doesn't last all that long. All those left overs. Sometimes, you feel like you have turkey soup til Christmas." Ian shrugged as he cleaned up the last of the dishes and got ready for the next day.

"That's all there is to it?" She looked at him as if had to be important. After all, Thanksgiving was about family.

Ian only shrugged. Jama reached for his cell in his back pocket.

"I think you should call them. Tell them..." She looked him in the eye, and hoped she really knew what she asking for. Even the thought made her a bit woozy as if she might already be intoxicated. "Tell them, we've got a wedding to plan."


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish Jama wouldn't let Ian talk her out of Thanksgiving. :(


ivy said...

Oh..I do wonder what these 2 relationships have in store next year.