Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chop Chop

18 to life

Hansen might as well have been Kung Fu boy with the chef's knife. He was attacking carrots in the kitchen while Sara studied at the dining table. She did not get the Insurance job. However, she didn't cry over it much. She ended up at Target in the Junior's department managing to fold jeans and Tee shirts.

"You know, my mom was really young when she had me." She explained her parents to him. He was sort of listening, but the whacking got louder with his rescission. After all, this was homework. He nodded ever so once in while in case she looked up from her studies.

Sara wouldn't talk about Max and Daisy, but she knew. Her mother told her. Hansen expected her to go into some sort of strange state. Maybe the meds were helping.

"You know, I don't want kids, right away." She looked at him as if she was thankful she was not Daisy.

He nodded.

"They'd be nice, you know, some day." He shrugged as he looked at all the veggies he needed to chop on the kitchen counter.

Hansen wanted to at least be 30 by the time he was a Dad. In his mind, he saw two. Two boys. He guessed his Mom was in her 30's when she had children.

"I'm not sure I really ever want kids." She clarified from the kitchen nook where she was on her little netbook.

Hansen wasn't going to complain. At this rate, he didn't see that as some sort deal breaker. Right now, he just wanted to make it through cooking school.

"I really wonder if Daisy thought this through." She winced as if maybe she was really sad for Daisy. He hoped that's what this was.

"What are you thinking?" He looked at her hoping she wasn't plotting something psychotic. He knew he had faith in her. Didn't he?

"Nothing." She looked at him as if she was being honest. "I'm fine. Really. I'm just glad its not me. OK?"

Hansen nodded and went back to chopping carrots with vigor. He was focused. Completely.

some time in the future


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm glad he's doing so well.


ivy said...

I think he's good for her. I know she has a lot to still work out, about herself, though.

deb said...

Hansen seems to know what he wants.