Monday, January 27, 2014

on a sad day

on a sad day

Max didn't know what to do with himself, lately. Thank God, he had a job at the grocery store. And that's where he stayed as much as he could.

Yes, it was true, he felt lost if it weren't for the mega-grocery store.

"But things are good with you and Daisy?" Derrick kept saying from time to time as if he were the one having the baby with Daisy not him. Of course, Derrick wouldn't say much else. He'd check on Daisy's progress from time to time and then be off in his little world with Mitch. It wasn't Derrick asking Max how he was doing, nor that sort of thing.

Max wasn't so sure he'd tell Derrick anything, anyway. He wasn't at Asa's anymore. And Asa didn't come around. It was a mellow feeling that Max was feeling. Maybe even tears. But he'd flash that smile of his 'put on the best acting job' he could with customers. It was the only time of the day he felt actually whole. It felt good to be that friendly face that customers wanted to come back too.

He was kind to the old ladies. He'd make an effort to load their groceries for them. Yes, he'd go that extra mile. The big isles of the well lit store were home. He only slept at Daisy's house. Alone.

Their first doctor's appointment was so awkward. It was like she didn't really want him there. Like maybe he was too young. Like he was the baby. And then they saw the sonogram, and he thought he'd instantly change how he felt about her, but it didn't happen.

A part of him felt he needed a new drug, to be that person she wanted him to be. Although, he was sure he might never know who that person was. So he stopped trying after awhile. Honestly, he wasn't even sure he had any friends, anymore.

This was it. He was stuck. Still he was filled with so much doubt, thinking he might never know what to do with his life, and especially with the one pending. Maybe he was the baby, after all. Maybe Daisy was right.

And just when he was about to start to sob, while packing groceries for someone, a girl fainted right in front of him at the magazines.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

A turning point!


ivy said...

Max needs something good to happen to him.

Sara Gerard said...

Such a big adjustment, he is helping old ladies at work because he feels so unwanted at home :(