Tuesday, January 28, 2014

on a day like today

On a Day LIKE Today

Angie felt safe with her brother Tony and his girlfriend Lena. She did not like her mother's new boyfriend. And she could never talk about it with Tony. It was best to forget how she felt about her mother's boyfriend because she didn't live with her Mom, anymore. Hopefully, some day her Mom would figure out what a horrible fellow her new man was.

Besides, it was a fresh start and a new school. Still, she hadn't exactly made any new friends. Maybe it was because she just didn't jump into any situation. She wasn't into band, nor drama. Yes, she was pretty boring. Still, she had her eye on someone.

She'd seen him at school. Although, she'd never directly looked into his face. She was shy. Honestly, she was certain she might die of some happy seizure if she looked into those dark eyes of his. He was the most beautiful man boy in the world, and she didn't even know his name.

She didn't know how to ask without being nosy. Even if she'd followed him from afar, it just never happened. Anyway, if he caught on, he might think she was a stalker. And she wasn't. She really wasn't. Although, there was that one time, she did take a picture of him on her phone at an Assembly. That was before she knew it was a big NO NO.

So all she had was a rather blurry picture of those thick bangs of his in his face. He looked to be in serious thought about something.

Anyway, winter set in, and she was pretty sure she was over her sly caper of finding out who the mystery guy was that she still lingered for in her dreams, at least. Besides, there were other boys. Also Tony laid the law down about her grades. If she wanted to stay, she was going to have to get better grades.

And, he said she could have a puppy if she kept her grades up. So Angie was working hard for a puppy.

Actually, she thought that sounded so silly, but she'd always wanted a puppy. Although, she wanted the mystery guy more. Except, she wasn't exactly sure what she'd say to him if she did get a chance to meet him.

He was probably one of those guys who wouldn't even look at her. She was a Freshman, and a short one, too. He'd probably say something like, "Are they letting middle schoolers in now?"

Still, she didn't think he'd sound like that. He probably had important things on his mind. She'd just have to worship him from afar.  Or forget about him.

And she was, but the snow melted one day and the sun came out. It felt like a sign of spring. It was the day she went on her own to the mega grocery store. Seriously, he was the last person she expected to see while she was looking through a teen magazine.

That's when she saw his name tag. His name was Max.

Angie wanted to scream for joy. She knew his name. And there he was, packing groceries in a cart.

First, a certain pleasure hit her. She couldn't help but smile. Suddenly she felt wobbly when his eyes met hers.

The next thing she remembered was seeing his face looking down at her.

"Hey, do you know what year it is?" He asked.

Angie gasped thinking instantly, was this time traveling?

"What?" She winced hard. "You're Max, aren't you?" He didn't have his name tag anymore. In fact, it had fallen on her chest and she was clutching it in her hand.

"Yes." He looked at her funny as if how would she know.

Soon the medics arrived, but he stayed with her. He was holding her sloppy bag, mostly of stuff she never used.

"Can, I call anyone?" He wanted to know.

"Oh, I think I'm OK." She was a little dizzy. Not wanting to go to the hospital.

"But I can call someone." He found her pink flip phone. Luckily, it would be kind of hard to find his photo. She guessed. Still she didn't want him to have to use her old phone, but he found the phone number she used most often.

Angie closed her eyes as if she was in a cloudy headache of some kind. He called the house phone. She was sure of it now. She'd never get to know Max, and she probably wouldn't get her puppy, either.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Angie definitely sounds young and naive.


Sara Gerard said...

Angie is young, but she should not give up so easily! I hope she is okay, she should get checked out.

ivy said...

I do wonder where this will go. & how Max will handle it.