Wednesday, January 1, 2014

into the unknown

ain't misbehaving

Nothing like getting the new year started like a midnight sled ride down the fresh snow on the hill behind the school. In fact it was invigorating.

"I think we need to do it again," Henry said when they got to the bottom with a swish.

"All right then." Leo was quick to smile only Henry wasn't exactly getting up as they were in the glistening snow in the moonlight. It was quite. Leo hugged Henry from behind. "Are you all right?" Leo asked after a bit.

"Yeah, why shouldn't I be?" He turned to Leo slightly as Leo helped him up.

"I guess that means, I'm going to have carry, you all the way up there, and drag the sled too." He didn't mean to put Leo off, but maybe sledding wasn't really on Henry's mind.

Henry only shrugged.

Just as Leo thought, He was giving Henry a piggy back up the snow hill with the sled in tow. He didn't mind even if it were a bit of a struggle, one step at a time. It was a bit of a slow go as well. Sure, Henry was light as he donned a silly wool cap with a pompom. He looked like one of Santa's helpers left behind.

Next thing Leo knew, he fell back shoving Henry into the snow.

"God! Are you, OK?" Leo rolled away to take a look for himself. Sure, Henry was just grinning stuck in the snow.

Leo wanted to say something like, "Are, you getting weird on me?" But he didn't. He fell back in the snow and stared at the moon as he watched his warm breath like smoke.

"What if we did something..right here..right now?" Henry laid still

"Right here? Right now?" Leo was afraid to ask him what he had in mind. Maybe he was dating two different Henrys.

"I was so close to getting us a room, tonight. So close." Henry told him.

Leo pressed his lips tight. As exciting as that sounded, Leo was a little uncertain what Henry was expecting. Yes, he knew Henry's touch very well, but a room, just the two of them? It was so unknowning.

"Look, I don't want to freeze my balls off for you." Leo raised up on his elbows. They certainly didn't need to turn into Popsicles. "I've got my Christmas money." If this was what Henry really wanted, he'd see to it.


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