Thursday, January 2, 2014

what's it gonna be

What's it gonna be

Henry looked at Leo as if he was going to lose it before they ever unlocked the door to the motel room. It was at the Family Inn. Who'd think of going their for a one night stand? Leo, that's who.

He was growing perturbed as Leo's story got all the more outlandish when they were getting the room. How he couldn't sleep at his Grandmother's house.

"She's like an elephant," he explained to the woman at the desk. "My cousin Neal, here, couldn't take it, either." Leo was so animated that he was unbelievable. Money was exchanged and he got a key card and they trotted off in the cold and snow, near the end  of the lengthy building to their room.

"Why did you, have get two beds?" Henry complained.

"I..I'm sorry." Leo looked innocent enough as he unwrapped himself from his parka which he left at the foot of the bed where he plopped with the remote in one hand. He didn't even offer to take off Henry's coat. Henry looked at him all the more perturbed.

"OH MY GOD." Leo said in the next breath.

"What?" Henry winced as Leo was about to laugh.

"They've got HBO and STARZ." That smile priceless. Like this was Christmas, after all.

Henry wanted to roll his eyes at that, as he took off his coat, thinking they might need alcohol now. He didn't think it would ever come to this. Not with Leo. Not when they kissed. Not when...

Now he looked at Leo as this hyper pup that had never ever stayed away from home.

He took the remote from Leo and plopped next to him. He clicked off the TV and tossed it to the other bed.

"We didn't come here to watch TV." Henry announced as if he might have to get out a rule book of some sort in order to get the instructions down properly.

"I know." But Leo looked nervous.

"Then what's the problem?" Henry looked at him serious.

"Well, you know how my family is so well endowed..." Leo started.  Henry gave him the look, that he knew what was hidden under his boxers.

"And.." Henry had to keep from snickering.

"I don't..want" Leo could barely get out.

"You, aren't going to hurt me." Henry jerked Leo's sweater over his head. Maybe tonight was not the night, but he was going to kiss him, anyway. At least, he wanted Leo to know that he wanted him.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope they think this through. :/


Sara Gerard said...

I hope that he doesn't push him too hard.

ivy said...

Oh..Henry..please do behave..=)