Sunday, January 19, 2014

its a mad world

its a mad mad world..

Kat and Wild had a baby girl. The doctor claimed the baby came a little early, but Kat felt it was far over due.

Possibly, it was the fact she wasn't exactly ready to raise two kids. Kylie and Keegan.

It was certainly and undertaking. Wild was there for the first few weeks. And she knew he certainly had the golden touch when it came to Kylie. Keegan was being the best little brother then. Now he was being a pest.

It was exhausting trying to keep up with him and tend to the infant too. Kat's arms ached. Her back was in such pain. She never slept anymore unless the baby was practically laying on her. She needed help, and didn't even bother to bundle them up to go next door.

Thank God, Syreeta was home.

"Could you just take him, for a little while. Please." She was holding on to Kylie who was asleep on her shoulder while Keegan was being all coy. Of course, he was happy to see Syreeta.

Syreeta nodded.

Kat felt bad they didn't really talk.

"I know, you're really busy. School and all that. How's it going?" Kat found herself asking. She needed to start somewhere with Syreeta because she was certain Syreeta was afraid of her.

"Its OK." She was being indifferent but she took Keegan to find his favorite DVD.

Kat watched, thinking she should have done that at home, but all his favorite DVDs seemed to be here. He was found of Diego from the Dora Explorer series. In fact, he wanted to change his name to Diego.

"How's that boyfriend of yours?" Kat was digging for questions. There had to be something they could talk about. Although, she really wanted to crawl into bed for a nap, but she needed to think about dinner and loading the dishwasher.

"Sawyer?" Syreeta sounded as if there might be more than one boyfriend.

"Is there another?" Kat asked so innocently.

Syreeta looked at her as if she knew here secret.

"Are you, seeing someone else?" Kat didn't mean to put her on the spot.

Syreeta shook her head.

Kat didn't feel herself going anywhere. Actually, she felt safer here with the kids than at home. She sat down in the big old soft chair where she remembered watching Power Rangers for hours on end. Finally, she felt so content.

"You can tell me. I dunno who you're even talking about." Kat grinned.

"Its complicated." Syreeta really looked as if she might even be scared.

"It couldn't be that bad. You're barely 16." Kat informed her. "Wait until you're my age with two kids."


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish Syreeta would trust Kat.


ivy said...

I'm glad Kat is coming around. I hope its not too late.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's at least worried about Syreeta.

MOSAMUSE said...

it would be good if they can be on the same page

Sara Gerard said...

Tried to comment on this yesterday, but it was not working for me :( I like that Kat is trying to be more friendly, even if she is being blunt.

ellie said...

I've been having troubles on Google Chrome with comments too.

ellie said...

Hopefully, its not too late for Kat & Syreeta. But I'm not sure Syreeta feels comfortable around her.