Monday, January 20, 2014

Just one moment

Hutch and Daisy

There never seemed to be anything that Daisy liked to eat at home.

All she wanted was some good comfy food like Mac and Cheese or mashed potatoes and roasted chicken, not the spicy stuff her Dad kept on hand. She was afraid she wasn't eating enough fruit. The bananas had gone black. So she decided not to go to the grocery store where Max worked. She could have given him a list, and he would have brought it home. But seriously, she just wanted to go shopping alone.

She managed to the new natural grocery store in the dead of winter. There was no ice or snow, but plenty of icy winds. She checked to make sure her cell was charged and gas in her car before she left. A part of her knew this was foolish, but at the same time, she felt as if she was in a state of stillness. Everything seemed to be passing her by, but she felt stranded with this thing growing inside her. She thought she was huge, yet not once had anyone at school noticed she was pregnant.

She'd even gone to one of the teen Moms group at school. It made her all the more depressed. All these happy girls talking about their future. Some had babies. Most were with boyfriends, and  there was the Goth girl Lacey who looked more miserable than Daisy. Maybe if Max went, it would have been OK. Otherwise, she found the whole thing pointless.

So here she was on her own, not waiting for a phone call from Josie nor anyone else. She would be fine. And there she was, all on her own, gasping at the prices of apples.

"Well, they are organic." Some one mentioned from behind her. She turned to see it was that guy who came on New Year's Day.

"Are you, Hansen's brother?" She winced.

"Oh, we never did introduce, ourselves, did we?" He grinned as he'd told her who he was. Yes, he was Hansen's brother Hutch.

She pushed on her little cart and he walked with her.

"Are you in to Health food?" Hutch asked.

"Not really." She shrugged, thinking Hansen would be upset if he knew about this. But he showed her one of his favorite rootbeers. It was gluten-free.

"My Mom loved this stuff." He told her. "She definitely knew her vegan ways."

Daisy never heard Hansen say anything about his Mom. She let a smile slip now, thinking of Hansen's mom as some hippy chick with hair like Hutch's golden curly locks.

"She'd probably kill me, if she knew I was working down at the meat packing plant." He chuckled as he put the rootbeer in Daisy's basket.

"Its on me." He told her as he spotted the brand of soy milk that his mother liked best. He helped her pick out some foods she might want to try. Before she knew it he was paying at the cash register.

"You really, didn't have too." She hadn't meant for him to buy the groceries.

"Its OK." He grinned. "You, want to try one their teas or a hot chocolate?" There was a diner in the grocery store.

"Oh, I couldn't." She smiled, but she wanted too. For once, it felt good to meet someone who didn't really know her situation.


ivy said...

Daisy needs to remember whats really important here.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Excited to see where this will go!!


Sara Gerard said...

Awww! I am glad that he is being so nice to her, seems like she really needed it.