Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just relax

Just Relax

"You're really surprising me, you know?" Wild was all grins as he put his arm around Kat who was practically asleep, but she'd made dinner which was a one pot pasta meal and she'd managed to get in a shower after dinner. Now it was great to sit in front of the TV Fireplace with some relaxing music playing.

Keegan was being all knowledgeable with his Thomas the Train book who was leaning against the other side of Wild as if he would never be far from Wild's sight.

"Syreeta's such a sweet girl. I think she could get her own record deal some day." He hadn't pushed it even if he did work at the local recording studio. He liked seeing her in her own element. A typical teenage girl enjoying life at school with her friends and family. The music could come later. "So, you talked?" He looked at Kat who looked so sleepy.

"A little. Still not sure what's bugging her. I hope this Sawyer is being good to her. What if he's mean to her and she won't tell anyone?" Kat sounded as if that was something she might do. He knew his wife was secretive about her past. Even with him. But the past was the past, and they had Kylie.

"If you really think its a problem, you need to let your mom, know." Wild told her.

"I dunno." She sounded too tired to do it.

"Then I will. I don't want anything to happen to Syreeta. She might be in real trouble with this boy. How did she sound?" He wanted to know. He knew girls like her when he lived at the orphanage. They looked so perfect on the outside, but things were really complicated for them. Especially, when it came to horrible relationships.

"Like she didn't want me to know anything." Kat wasn't helpful about it, but he knew he best get her to bed. Now. He'd stay up with Kylie and Keegan. So off to bed she went and he put Kylie in her crib and gave Keegan a bath.

After he read Keegan a Thomas the Train story, he tucked him in and went to check on Kylie who was being very aware of her mobile. Her big blue eyes took in the blue and yellow butterflies and her little limbs moved ever so sweetly.

Wild reached for his cell.

"Hey, Fish," Wild knew he'd never know what was up with Syreeta, but maybe her brother could get it out of her, somehow.


deb said...

I'm glad Wild cares about Syreeta.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I don't think Fish would reveal too much about her.


Sara Gerard said...

I am glad they care about her, I just hope that they are not prying too much.

Rebecca said...

Fantastic that he cares about her!