Wednesday, January 22, 2014

one foot in front of the other

One foot in front of the other

"Really, if I'd known..I'd never..." Now Henry felt guilty about taking over the space over the garage.Carson could be living there, right now.

 But it seriously needed a good clean up. He didn't think Audrey knew how to keep house. He wouldn't mention it to Aidan, besides it was Carson who he should have been thinking about.

"Its OK, he found him a place. Shan lives there." Aidan shrugged as he looked over Henry's sewing room.

"Shan?" Henry made a face when he said his name. It sounded like a dirty word of some kind. He didn't really think about him, anymore. "Well, I didn't even know..." Henry hugged himself. He thought he still lived at home. No one said he'd moved, but then again, he hadn't noticed what went on at Shan's house, lately. Maybe no one lived there. He remembered seeing a real estate sign there, but he hadn't questioned it.

"Carson will be fine." Aidan smiled as he went to look at the old sewing machine Henry set up. It was quite ancient.

"Its German." Henry told Aidan. "Actually, its Gran's. Dad said I could have it. She was actually a seamstress, even though she was just a factory girl." It was like talking about a different world when he spoke of her. He didn't really know her.

"Do you know, how to even use it?" Aidan pondered over the machine as if he would its secret.

"Not really. But I will. Sooner or later." Henry grinned. He'd figure it out. "But this Carson, what's he like? Should I even try to get to know him?"

"I think he's OK. He's had a lot on his mind. Like taking care of his Mom. But he seems to be fine with it. I don't think he'd really ask for much. I think he just wants to be on his own. Its this thing with his brother, that's bothersome." Aidan bit his bottom lip in thought.

"What do you mean?" Henry looked at Aidan as if he didn't get it. His brother was just a runaway.

"Carson, didn't even know he had a brother until a few months ago. He's tracked him down, but I think Carson is afraid to meet him now." Aidan told him.

"Afraid? Of what?" Henry wanted to know.

"Sounds like he's a mess. I'm not sure Carson needs anymore messes. He needs something good to happen. I'm not sure that'll happen when he finds him." Aidan didn't sound too positive.

Henry looked at Aidan's little pot belly edging against his dark green sweater. It was easy to see it was true. Aidan might be just as pregnant at Audrey. Henry thought it sort of funny.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Only time will tell...


deb said...

Its cute to see how Henry wants to start sewing..and of course, Aidan and his pregnant stomach.

ivy said...

Oh..Henry..he can't be thoughtful. Sort of.

Sara Gerard said...

Lots of baby steps! The title says it all.

MOSAMUSE said...

one step at a time!