Friday, January 10, 2014

its time

What would you say?

Sara knew what she wanted. It was just the thought of her folks being so wishy washy.

Not that she thought she'd failed them exactly. Maybe she had. Maybe she would never be their little princess.

Of course, her mother started in on the little news flash about Max getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant.

It stung right to the heart when her mother brought it up.

"MOM. NO." But she thought she might hyperventilate with the information. "I haven't thought about Max in..weeks." In her head it felt like megalight years now. She'd been busy with Hansen. And she was happy. He really was so good to be with. It was like an adventure everyday. She didn't know what to expect, but whatever it might be... gave her a smile.

A baby, that hit hard. She knew by now Hansen must have known, but he'd never said a word. Maybe it was too difficult for him to talk about Daisy. And she wasn't going to be upset with him. Besides, there were other things to worry about. Where was Hansen going to live? Crosby's grandmother didn't want him at her house anymore.

He'd spent the holidays at her house. Supposedly, on the couch, but she'd been sneaky and..and..she couldn't come right out and say it..or could she?

"Mom, I'm not a virgin." Sara swallowed back her fear. "And I know, you always wanted me to be married first. But..but..just don't blame Hansen, OK?"

Her mother glared at her with out any input.

"Look, there are two ways we can do this. And, you and Dad decide."

"What are, you telling me?" Her mother pushed her coffee cup away as they sat at the kitchen table for the mid morning break.

"Well, I could move out. With Hansen. Probably wouldn't be back. Because, you wouldn't want to see me." She sighed. "Or, he could move in with me..and we'd get married, eventually. I mean, we'd pay you rent. Hansen isn't a freeloader, you know. And you already said, you like it when he cooks."

Sara knew she was taking her chances. But the fact was, her parents did like Hansen. They did see a potential in him, even if he wasn't someone she'd met at church that they'd always wanted.

"You're too young to be talking like this. Besides, Hansen looks so much younger. He's just a baby." Her mother told her.

"But Mom, he's been on his own, and he needs me..just as much as he needs you and Dad." She was in tears as she said it. It might even be true. She knew he was at home here. Sara got up, thinking this really might be the last time she ever saw her mother. She was going to be with Hansen, or else.

"All right. We'll, see how it goes." Her mother pressed her lips tight.

"Really?" Sara looked at her mother as if she didn't know her mother would ever decide anything without her Dad. "You mean, he can my room..with me. Together?" She was certain there would be some sort of technicality.

"Its only going to be for a little while. I do want you to marry. Just not yet." Her mother told her.

Sara hugged her mother. Now if she could only hear back from the insurance place about a job.

We can make it work


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Sara!!


Sara Gerard said...

Sometimes parents can surprise you!

ivy said...

I think her Mom would really worry about her if she left with Hansen.