Saturday, January 11, 2014

just a blue day

Oh, its what you do to me...

Daisy didn't want to admit it, but it was the most depressing December ever. January didn't look much better.

It might have looked like Max was there for her, but was he really?

He went to the appointments with her, and they ate meals together. But he was silent. Forever silent. Maybe it was because he was stuck in the basement. She didn't really know what his problem was because he wasn't talking about it.

Sure, there was plenty of family for the holidays. She saw Derrick and Mitch. There was Kyle and his family. Rosie, Max's little niece kept her company all of Christmas eve with her My Little Pony game. They made cookies and even play dough in Camille's new high powered blender.

Of course, there was the big fiasco with Josie's friend. Daisy thought Josie and Halie were too much alike to be friends. Of course, Josie spent all her time with Halie or worrying about her, or maybe it was Dean.

Daisy felt a little left out and sad in the end. She was beginning to think she might stay in this state of mind, and then Hansen showed up.

"What's up?" She was happy to see him. Of course, he was his usual laid back self.

"Guess you heard, Sue kicked Crosby and me out." He was still in his work clothes from the grocery store and chunky boots. She wondered if he wore them just to make him a little taller. It wasn't until now she thought of him being so young. But he looked like she remembered, and a lump lodged in her throat as she thought of him standing there in the doorway, but he didn't stay still long. He went downstairs before she could say much.

"Well, where are you and Crosby gonna go?" She hadn't heard from Crosby. She nursed her bottom lip as if she'd been on the wrong channel all this time. She wanted to know what they were going to do.

He brought up an old electric guitar and something that looked like a baby accordion. She stared at the instruments wondering where they'd been all this time. She remembered him playing some Green Day on the accordion for her birthday. He'd also serenaded her with this little red piano she'd had since she was a baby.

She brought him the little toy piano. She really didn't have much use for it. He could actually play a tune on it.

"That's yours." He smiled. "Just wanted to make sure I hadn't left any my crap behind."

"Where are you and Crosby staying?" She wanted to know.

"Oh, I think he's with Julie." He shrugged. "And Sara just called, said it was fine for me to stay."

"You're moving in with her?" She squinted as if that were horribly wrong.

"I'm staying on her couch. Her folks are nice." He nodded.

" could, you do that?" Suddenly, it was as if he'd done it to get back at her.

Hansen looked at her as if she'd already broken all the rules, having Max's baby.

"Because she asked me too." He left it was none of her business.

She knew it was a mistake. A big mistake, but he was going. This was it.

"Oh..oh.." Finally, she thought he should know. Perhaps, she didn't want him to go..just yet. There was something she needed to tell him.

"What?" He turned back.

"There was this guy, he came by.. after Christmas. He was looking for you." Daisy told him.

"Who?" Hansen winced.

"He didn't say his name. He was asking about you. He's got blond hair." She shrugged. She didn't want to say he was kind of cute, but he was. His smile was irresistible and he was really cool. "He didn't stay long."

"It was probably Hutch."

"Hutch?" She squinted. He didn't look like a Hutch to her.

"My brother Hutch." He looked at her as if she was suppose to remember.

"It probably wasn't him." She shook her head.

"He's not much on giving out information." He told her. "He looks harmless and all, but he still finds trouble."

"He didn't look like a bank robber." She told him.

"It was probably him." Hansen grumbled with a sigh. "Just when things are looking up, he's bound to find me." He went on his way.

Daisy wasn't too happy Hansen was moving in with Sara. She wondered if Sara knew about her and Max.
a blue day


deb said...

She may have more regrets than she knows.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

So many secrets...


ivy said...

I have to wonder if she likes Hansen's bro.