Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't leave me alone

Leave it alone

Kayla was all giddy, and it hadn't a thing to do with Oliver's Valentines day gift from her favorite chocolate place. The expensive chocolateer.

"I don't eat chocolate anymore." She proclaimed ever so sudden. When actually, perhaps she meant something entirely different. Perhaps her heart belonged to another. She just couldn't help to think on her one chance meeting with Garvin. It was like it was meant to be. Even if she did have a husband and daughter.

There was so much time to relive their encounter again and again. It was like he was here, even if it might be a ghost of a chance that anything might really happen. She honestly didn't think of Oliver much anymore. It just couldn't be.

Yes, it was all her fault, but she couldn't let herself think that way. She was happy to have her mind set on Garvin, even if it were only a dream. Of course, she couldn't let Oliver thinking she was crazy. Because she wasn't.

"What do you mean?" Oliver did look hurt. Stuck with a box of chocolates.

"I've gone vegan." She looked ever so educated about the matter. As if he should have noticed. But then again, she'd just had burgers and fries with Audrey yesterday.

"Vegan?" He made it sound like a religion. "But..but I can't..just..go vegan.." He had the bakery to think about. His customers.

She looked at him wide-eyed and blankly.

"Its the healthy thing to do." It was then she told him the story of puss in the cow's utters. Did he know he was drinking puss?

Well, he didn't stand around to listen to her anymore. He went back down to the bakery. On his day off. Honestly, she just couldn't look at him right now. There were too many things wrong. Wrong with her family. In spite of having her real mother around, she felt as if everyone had a place but her.

And the more she let her self drown in her pity, Kayla wondered how much longer she could take it. And what would she have to do to be a Vegan?

Happy Now?

Halie didn't want to be happy that Gage called. She should hate him. She would. Just not at the moment. She smiled as she heard his voice.

Yes, she'd missed him. She was coming home from a night out with her Dad. Seriously, it was the worst Valentines day ever, but she wouldn't complain. She promised her Dad. After all, she was out with him and his new girlfriend. She'd dragged them to some boy band concert. They were suppose to be the next big thing, even if Halie didn't think so. Still, she came home with a T-shirt and their new EP.

She knew her dad was furious, but it made Halie all the more happy. She couldn't have him being happy with that school marm he was with these days, Kinsey.

"Oh, I'm not mad." Actually, it was pure bliss, knowing Gage was thinking of her. He was right. They did need to talk. "I'm sure this phone call is costing you a fortune."

"Don't worry about it." He told her. "Listen, you know I miss you. badly."

Halie felt a laugh inside her that shook her so.

"Maybe, Maybe we can talk ..later." She knew her Dad was watching. It was way past her curfew.

"I dunno..Um..this..isn't my phone." He finally confessed.

"Why did I not know that?" She sighed.


"Its OK. Really. you?" She knew there was something she did need to tell him, but this wasn't the time or place. Although, they did need some Face Time soon.

"Yeah, uh, its just I don't check my e-mail much, but I will now." He promised as he gave it to her.

Halie couldn't explain it, but it might be the best Valentines day ever.

"I love you," Gage said. "Shhh..don't tell anyone."

Halie bit her bottom lip. She had a secret too. Halie wasn't so sure how long she could keep it.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wonder how Gage will take her secret.


ivy said...

Oh, I'm worried about Kayla. No telling what Halie might have to say..=)