Sunday, February 16, 2014

little Valentines

Little Valentines

Henry knew not to get Leo a big heart shaped box of candy. He'd have it eaten already. As it was Leo was devouring a chocolate covered marsh-mellow heart that he'd kept in his suit jacket.

"Well, I didn't want it to melt." Leo didn't seem down about not getting a present for Valentines day. He hadn't exactly given Henry anything, other than pick him up and take him out to a nice sushi dinner before the dance started.

Naturally, for a vivid moment Henry could think of other things melting, but he pulled out the red wrapped box from under the passenger seat where he sat in Leo's pickup-truck. It was starting to snow very lightly in the empty parking lot of the school after the Valentines day dance.

"Well, open it." Henry sighed wondering what Leo would think.

"You..really shouldn't have." He could tell Leo felt bad that he hadn't gotten anything for Henry.

"I-I hope.."

"Underwear?" He looked at Henry wondering what that meant.

"Not..exactly." Henry grinned wondering if Leo would even get his new invention. "You, put it on your head."

"What?" Leo cracked up with a grin. He looked the hat over. It was flannel and actually made out of a pair of Henry's old boxer. Well, they were clean.

"I made it." Henry told him he'd been playing around. Not sure what to sew on the sewing machine. Actually, this was his first accomplishment, and he was giving it away. "Its an original."

Leo looked it over once more and pulled the tam or beret or flannel cap on his head.

It was true, Leo coudn't quite rock that hat like Henry could.

"Let me fix that for you." Henry tugged at it to give it some slouchiness.

Leo grinned, and when he kissed Henry it was like chocolate.

Little Secrets

Everything was back to normal now. Essie was home. The dance was over. Wasn't it?

She'd driven Holden to the dance. It was sort of a good will case to her parents. Funny, she'd met Holden at Good Will, she thought now as she unwound her scarf around her neck in her room.

When she turned to look at herself in the dresser mirror, she spotted the dark marks on her neck. She cringed.

They never actually made it to the dance. She sat down on her bed thinking she was suppose to hate herself, but she didn't.

Still, she wasn't sure where they took a wrong turn. They actually never left the car. It was nice and warm and her favorite mix was on. Holden loved Flogging Molly too. Like a dream come true. They might as well have been two dogs in heat on the back lot behind the band hall. No one suspected a thing. Well, it looked like they might have parked closer to the church parking lot.

This was bad. She was bad. Still it felt really good to be with someone. Now if she only really knew what it was like to actually love them. She knew..she just wanted more.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish she would just hold out for real love.


ivy said...

Glad things are sweet for Henry and Leo.