Saturday, February 15, 2014

Into the night

Into the Night prt. 1

It was a night to remember with Hutch. He'd taken Daisy to an upscale restaurant, and a very cozy horse drawn carriage ride through the old market. Really, she'd never been spoiled on Valentines day. Well, she never remembered it that way with Max.


He'd left without saying a word. Daisy was a little perturbed, but she didn't want to fuss about it. She knew he could cause her grief, too. About Hutch, but he hadn't. Maybe they'd go quietly, their separate ways. And she hadn't thought of Max. She hadn't wondered what he did on Valentines day.

No, she'd been up front with Hutch the next time he came around. And he did come around. Usually, it was to check out some new music or a movie. Sometimes, they could spend hours in old record shops.

He knew about the baby, and it hadn't turned him off.

"Is this why you and Hansen broke up?" Was the only question Hutch asked.

She told him they'd never really been together. He was only a good friend and Hutch was happy about that.

Daisy didn't ask if Hutch ever saw Hansen. As it was, there were fun things to go and do and she didn't want to bring up Hutch's little brother.

And Valentines night just got better, snuggling next to Hutch. She was happy, and she hated to feel guilty about it.

Into the night prt. 2

Hansen made a nice steak dinner for Sara and her parents. So much for being alone. It didn't happen often.

For starters they were not home alone with such busy schedules. There were online classes, work, classes down at the metro college and then other little jobs. Hansen was working as much as he could and saving what he could. Sara didn't seem to mind. It was like a challenge.

She kept bottles and jars of coins on a shelf in her room.

"Some day, maybe we'll go to Paris and get married." She decided as the night was coming to an end and thankful her Dad was already snoring down the hall.

"I'm thinking first we should get married then Paris." Hansen thought that would be best.

"But I want to go right away." Her arms  were around his neck. Her kiss was quick. She did always like to move on with things. She went to put on some Depeche Mode. Lately, that was her love making soundtrack. But she kept it low as not to wake her parents. "Wouldn't we have to have passports, at least six months?"

She usually knew these things. Hansen didn't even want to guess. She shucked his shirt soon enough as if to get down to business. And then she kissed him as if he truly was part of the song.

Sara was a certain kind of romantic or maybe she really did have multiple personalities. Honestly, Hansen wouldn't think on it. Otherwise, he might be scared to death of her. At the moment, it was one spell he actually liked.

Into the night prt.3

Asa really hoped Max was letting himself have a good time.

Meanwhile, Asa brought home heart shaped pizza and He and Jane watched a marathon of Dr. Who. Jane fell asleep on him. He really wished she'd stop working so many hours at the hospital. Maybe stop working, all together. But he knew she loved nursing, he wouldn't hold it against her.

It was going on close to eleven. Max's cardoor shut. He was already home.

"Why home so early?" Asa wanted to know when Max came in.

"Angie had to be home by 11." Max shrugged. He looked as if he were ready to get out of the fancy clothes.

"So, did you have fun?" Asa wanted to know.

"I-I guess." But Max's face was so serious. It was as if he was on the way to the guillotine.

"Hey, try not to be so glum. You, didn't do anything wrong with Daisy." Asa assured him.

"I didn't do anything right, either." He was possibly his own worst enemy.

"Well, if you two can remain know.." He didn't really want to talk much more and wake Jane. "That's all you can ask for."

Max nodded and went on downstairs to bed.

Asa hugged Jane thinking he might should carry her to bed, but she awoke when he tried to lift her.

"Max is already home?" She mumbled. "Did he go to the dance with Daisy?"

"No, some girl named Angie." They slowly made their way down the hall.

"Angie? Are we going to get to meet her?" He thought he heard Jane say.

Asa supposed they should.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Seems like everything turned out differently than expected.


ivy said...

I think Max is growing up. Hopefully, he'll know what he wants one day.