Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines day

Valentines day prt. 1

Vada was petrified when she looked up to see the house that Joel brought her too. It was like some sort of southern mansion..with fancy columns.

Vada patted down her baby blue dress, thinking this was possibly something Martha Stewart would live in. She pressed her lips tight.

"We won't be long. Promise. My sister wanted to meet you. And..well, take pictures." Joel shrugged in his pale tuxedo.

Vada nodded as if she guessed she could do this. But it was Roman who met them at the door. Their eyes locked. Roman stared at her as if she couldn't possibly be anyone he knew.

Joel introduced them, and Vada acted as if they'd just met.

There was Joel's sister with her iPhone. She was all grins and happy to meet Vada. She snapped photos before Vada was even ready. Evidently, Vada and Joel were going to the Valentines dance with Roman and Joel's sister.

Valentines Day prt. 2

Max moved back to Asa's. He doubted Daisy even noticed. She was never home lately. He felt bad that she didn't know, but he didn't want her angry either. Now as his arm was looped around Angie's, he wondered if Daisy would be mad at him.

He so wanted to enjoy the dance with Angie who looked beautiful in pink, but he knew he shouldn't. It would be wrong. He wanted to tell Angie the truth. That he shouldn't be going out. He should be at home. Better yet, taking someone's shift at work so they could be enjoying a night out with their significant other. But this was Angie's night. And he hoped she enjoyed it.

A faint smile rose to the occasion and soon enough they were out on the dance floor grooving to the disco lights. But the electronic music faded into a quaint love song. Angie hugged him as if she'd never let him go. He could hardly sway, but he carefully placed his arms around her hoping she didn't think this was serious. It couldn't be. She was only a Freshman and he was practically a Senior.

He planned to get his GED this summer. After all, he'd be a teenage Dad by then. He had to think of the future. Maybe he'd join the military. Even so, the thought made him sick. He didn't believe that was the answer to any of this.

"What are you thinking?" She looked up at him with a smile when the song ended.

"Um..that..that you really look beautiful tonight, " Max said a bit teary eyed.

Valentines Day prt. 3

Gage listened to the old Depche Mode song in the background.

"Nobody knows me as well as you do..." he listened to the tune coming from Ren's room, as he focused on the number on her cell phone. He was going to do this. Now.

No, he didn't have a date to the dance. Besides, there was only one person on his mind, and he was calling her. He hoped it wasn't too late.

"Gage?" The voice said over the cell phone.

Instantly, Gage smiled. He couldn't help it.

"I'm sorry I waited so long. Just..just don't hang up, OK." Gage hoped Halie wouldn't hang up on him. Although, he knew she should. Wouldn't be a chance of ever seeing her again.


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