Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thinking about Valentines day

Thinking about Valentines day

Angie couldn't believe it. She was walking on cloud nine. She was going to the Valentines dance. With Max, no less.

Oh, she was rolling around the words Angie and Max..... Max and Angie in her head as she was looking through pink and red dresses at Good Will. Lena took her shopping. Of course, they really didn't have the money to get something uber expensive.

She kept seeing Max's face. Those eyes. They did look a little sad. She was going to make him happy. No matter what.

"How about this one." Lena showed her one all frilly for a six year old.

No. She wanted the strapless one. It was either go BIG or go HOME. She intended to show Max she was the only girl he'd ever love.

Thinking about Valentines Day prt.2

"Well, could you?" Fish at least got Shan to try on the ruffled shirt. Shan really did look like he could be a Flamingo dancer with the high waist pants that really did show what a great butt Shan had, even in polyester.

Shan gave Fish a crooked smile.

"Why should I?" He put on the white 70ish platforms that Fish found for only six bucks.

"Leo needs a job." Fish reminded him.

"Did Henry put you up to this?" Fish swelled a frown. He wouldn't even look at himself in the mirror, but Fish thought he looked amazing.

"No." Fish winced. Yes, Henry brought it up once or twice at work how Leo was having no luck finding a job. He was experienced. Henry hadn't came out and asked Fish for help. Fish just thought it was the right thing to do. "The movie-plex is a great place to start."

Shan almost rolled his eyes. He turned and unbuttoned the shirt. Fish was afraid he was going to rip it. Evidently, somebody hated ruffles.

Thinking of Valentines day prt.3

It was still freezing cold. Essie huddled close to Holden. It was just a last minute thing. He'd caught her off guard when she came out of the bathroom by the school cafeteria. He'd been at the church lately on Wednesday nights. They'd talked. Sort of.

But when he'd asked her to the dance, she told him she didn't have a thing to wear. Thus this lead to another question of would you could you..if we find something to wear to this thing..the Valentines Dance.

She only smiled, wondering what her parents would think. After all, he was part of the youth group.

February was such a dreary start. She felt as if she was in an ice wasteland. So here they were. He opened the door for her. That's when they saw Syreeta and Sawyer coming out of the store.

Syreeta wasn't exactly smiling, but Sawyer was all charming, "Happy Valentines day." He had a plastic heart shapped candy dish. She was carrying a bag of clothes.

"Its not officially Valentines day." Holden said ever so cold.

"Close enough." Essie smiled and wished them a happy one. Syreeta and Sawyer walked away, hand in hand.

"What was that about?" She looped her arm around his as if they were actually together, or perhaps to inspire him to be a little more happy than he was.

"Nothing." He was sullen.

"Oh really?" She looked at him as if he better fess up if he wanted her to be his date.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish she wouldn't put him on the spot that way. :/


ivy said...

Lots going on! I hope Shan is a good date for Fish.

Lady Lilith said...

Sounds nice. I like the photo collage you posted. Thanks for sharing.

LaTasha Bunting said...

Hello lovely Ellie,

You are so creative love! I love how you find the time to write stories!
That's awesome love! :)

With love,