Wednesday, February 12, 2014

only for the play

Only for the play

Vada was beginning to think Joel and she were just two lost giraffes who's necks might get tangled up in each other. There went the thud of his feet as they traipsed across the lvingroom floor.

Vada looked up to see Henry was there to investigate.

"Don't be so rough with the floor."  Henry glared at Joel as if this was all his fault. Before she knew it, he was going to show Joel how it was done. He was ever so serious as he showed them how the waltz was done correctly.

"We're not exactly doing the waltz." She hated to burst his bubble of confidence as Henry was soon showing Joel how he needed to hold his head up high.

"You can't stare at your feet all the time." Henry improvised as he was soon showing Joel the steps. Dance steps they weren't even using.

"Henry, just leave us alone, OK." She hated to say it, but they really needed to practice, and Joel looked really perturbed now because he didn't look amused, dancing with Henry. "Sorry, we..we just need to get this down."

Funny, how she was so focused on this production. She hadn't thought of Gage nor the holidays, not even the fact that Valentines Day was a few days away. Vada hoped they didn't look like cartoon characters for the show.

"Fine." Henry was even lipped. He bowed out as if his job was done.

"That guy... is your brother?" Joel winced hard as if that were disgusting.

"Yes, he is. Do you have a problem?" She snapped, thinking she'd bust his nose if he made a remark about Henry.

"But your last name is different." He pointed out.

"For now." She shrugged. It didn't matter if it changed. She kept telling herself. She didn't want to jinx it, and she didn't want Joel knowing anything about her, either. They were dance partners. Which would end as soon as this play was over. And then she'd never speak to him, again.

It felt like an agreement even if Joel hadn't mentioned it. She could see how he detested her. They were definitely sullen to each other.

"Are you going to the Valentines Dance?" He asked.

"Huh?" She crossed her arms, wondering what that had to do with anything. She was thinking about making cupcakes for herself and watching HEATHERS. Alone.

"We..we could go together. Get in some dancing." As if it were a requirement of some kind.

Vada was caught off guard. "Are you asking me out?"

"I guess." He looked a little unsure. "It was my sister's idea." He finally let slip.

"OK." She practically yawned. They did need to dance. A lot.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Dancing is always a good idea!


ivy said...

Lets hope this is a good thing!