Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Its about time

its about time

Halie chose her Mom in the end. She just wanted to be with her.

She could see Archie on the weekends. She didn't want to say why it was important, but it was. Of course, he still had Magz all week, but for the was something to smile about.

"And, you don't mind a new school and all?" Josie said she couldn't possibly think of ever wanting to go to a new school Not now.

"Not really," Halie had her own room and she liked knowing she was in her grandmother's house even if they'd never met. This was home. Really, home. At least, she was close to her mum and Rufus was really with her mother. Of course, she felt as if she was there for Archie so he wouldn't have to be alone with his Dad. It was quaint. She'd never felt so calm before. "You've got Dean. How could you care where you are, as long as you've got him."

Halie listened to Josie on her phone about Dean for God knows how long. It was unnerving and she was tired of he same old talk. She got it. Josie had the best boyfriend in the world.

"You've seen him, haven't you?" She looked at the clock, thinking she still had to go meet her dad for a dine in of some kind. He still wanted to see her. Everyone was still making over her, after the Christmas incident..That of course, she didn't really speak of.

"You mean, Gage?" By the tone of Josie's voice Halie knew Josie didn't really approve of him. "What about him?"

"I dunno." Instantly, Halie felt almost a pang or maybe a swoon for him as she fell back on her bed. Her head instant filled with memories of his lips, his touch. He really knew something about passion that she still couldn't quite put her finger on. Of course, his hands were on her mostly. His luscious mouth too. She did miss him, but no way could she fly back and get mixed up with him. "I guess I want to know, he's doing?"

"He's fine." Josie said ever so grim.

"Just fine?" Halie wanted to know something. Anything.

"Do, you even talk to Jonah, anymore?" Josie's reminder made her frown.

"Not really." All he could think of was that stupid graphic novel of his that was selling like hot cakes, even at the bookstores here. She guessed, he and Jules were making some cash. It was all Jonah seemed to think about.

"Jules, is suppose to get me a copy." Josie said about the book.

"You, wouldn't pay for it, would you?" Halie squinted hard. Honestly, she didn't want a copy.

"Yes, of course, I did. My mom even bought two copies for the library and one for her boss, hoping he'll chat it up on the radio." Josie informed her.

"Really?" Halie rolled her eyes. Who would possibly want to read anything that Jonah could think up?


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Maybe Halie should check it out herself.


Sara Gerard said...

Halie might be quick to judge.

ivy said...

To bad Halie has such a one track mind.