Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here We Go

Here We Go

January was so cold and miserable. Vada should have expected it, but a part of her felt spoiled, living with Henry's family.

They were good people.

His mom, Myra was really a good listener and she always asked the right questions. And Henry's Dad Harvey was so funny. It was the good life, but she couldn't expect miracles at school.

Tryouts for the Shakespeare production were horrible. She didn't even get to do a scene with Roman. She missed acting with him. Maybe they weren't meant to be, but there was this spark when they were on stage. She loved it. Or maybe it was just him.

No, she kept telling herself NO. As cold and heartless, January trudged on with brittle finger nails and a chill she just couldn't quite stay at bay, without daydreaming about Roman.

Still, she was in the play. Only, it was not a speaking part. She was a dancer. Of course, Vada still thought the director and dance teacher must be completely out of their mind. Especially, when they paired her with Joel.

Of course, he was new and looked like an awkward chicken. She couldn't say who was more awkward. He was the most solemn thing on earth. Naturally, she gave him the silent treatment.

"You two, have to spend some time with each other. Get to know each other's bodies." The director suggested.

That sprang an eyebrow or two when Vada gasped. She looked at Joel, thinking that was just sick.

"Did, you hear what she just said?" He puffed a frown as if the drama teacher was one crazy lady.

Vada looked at him, there on stag. Joel was in some old track shorts and a baggy Tee he could swim around in.

"She didn't mean it that way." Vada eye-balled him that he was just a stupid Freshman going nowhere.

"DUH." He said right back as if he didn't like this situation anymore than she did, but they had two weeks to get this down. Time was ticking.

"God, just come over, and we will practice." She was certainly not going to his place.

He sighed as if it wouldn't work. They were going to look hideous, no matter what.

"I dunno why I tried out in the first place." He was rather grim about the idea of them actually learning the steps.

But they got back in their places. She put her hand properly on his back, and he took her hand as if this was going to kill him yet.

"Relax." The dance coach stepped in to give them a count.

"I was never good at math!" Joel bellowed at the coach. Finally he looked Vada in the eye. "Just saying."

She let out a sigh. The dance music started and Joel moved forward ever so awkward. They would never make a Dirty Dancing couple jiving to a Pitbull song.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Haha! The closing sentence is perf!


Sara Gerard said...

Aww, poor Vada. She is a tough cookie though, I think she will get the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of P.E when dance would come up.