Sunday, February 2, 2014

switching gears

Switching gears

"I dunno why I ever doubted him." Audrey sighed as she looked at another big bulky sweater that Kayla showed her at the thrift store. "I mean, Aidan is so good to me, and there I was thinking we were going to be stuck with that cousin of his."

"Well, its OK to want him all to yourself, you know." Kayla told her. "He is your husband." She put the sweater back on the rack and found something more spring, as in Orange Crush bright.

"Yeah, I guess, but the guy had no where to go. I mean, I didn't know what was up with him. He found this kid brother of his. I guess he's a kid. Carson's practically a kid, OK..he's not really a kid." She sighed as if she'd noticed he was pretty easy on the eyes. "Yeah, maybe that's what it was. I just couldn't stand having another cute guy around."

She was hungry again.

"Want to get a smoothie?" Audrey was tired of looking. After all, she did have boxes of Kayla's maternity clothes at the house.

"In this weather?" It was frigid out. Kayla wanted coffee so on the way to the coffee place, Kayla talked nonstop about Avery.

Audrey nodded ever so often. She'd never talk so much about her kid. Never. She'd decided. Still, she felt selfish about wanting Carson to go. She'd spoke too soon evidently. She hoped Aidan didn't think she was selfish.

Finally, they got their drinks.

"You didn't call that old boyfriend of yours, did you?" Audrey asked while she was slurping down the large cold fruity smoothie.

"No, but I did e-mail Ethan. You know, I kept meaning too, but I never did. I sent him a bunch of pictures of Avery." Kayla smiled then.

"Avery? Are you, serious? Why would you, do that?" Audrey festered.

"Because, this is me now. I'm a Mom with a family. He needs to know that..while he's off..I dunno, traveling."

"Didn't he get in  he FBI?" Audrey remembered.

"I doubt it. He was getting chubby the last time I saw him." She shrugged.

"Huh, drinking beer from around the world, was he?" Audrey almost laughed, thinking something she would have done many moons ago, but not now. No, she was changing. Everyday. She didn't have a baby bump yet, but it sure felt like it. All her clothes felt so tight, even if Aidan kept telling her she was perfect and  beautiful. She felt as if a monster inside her kept her bloated and up all night in the bathroom.

"I gotta go back and get a real milkshake, this time." Audrey said once she was finished with the berry smoothie. "I need milk." She announced. And a lot of it. Evidently.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Audrey has beautiful spirit. :)


ivy said...

I think Audrey will make a good mom.

MOSAMUSE said...

great post!