Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The things I know

The Things I know

Luna wanted Valentines day to be special. And maybe it was. She did enjoy going out with Zac, even if it was just the two of them. She really did try to get everyone together. At least with Syreeta and Sawyer, but they bailed in the end.

She knew something was up with Syreeta and Sawyer. They were different at the dance. It was like Syreeta was a million miles away.

"What's going on?" Luna asked a few days later when she caught up with Syreeta in the commons at school.

"What do you mean?" She was indifferent as ever.

"I dunno. You, tell me." Luna was puzzled. What had happened to those two love birds? "Did you break-up with Sawyer?"

"What?" Syreeta looked at her as if Luna knew something. "Has Holden told you?" She looked pissed now as she hugged her books.

"What has he got to do with this?" Luna scrunched a frown as they walked toward the cafeteria.

"Absolutely. Nothing." Syreeta gritted.

"He wasn't even at the dance." Luna shrugged. "I thought he was going with Essie."

"He was suppose to be there with Essie?" Now Syreeta looked furious.

"Yeah, he doesn't drive anymore..and well, he's been going to this youth group thing at church. I dunno why he decided to go. I mean, all he does is stay in that mancave of his." Luna slightly scowled, thinking now what did she ever see in him.

Syreeta swelled a frown.

"Are you all right?" Luna guessed there was something going on between her step-brother and Syreeta, but Luna didn't know when it would have happened.

Syreeta wouldn't say, but she looked so out of it now.

"Hey, if..if you ever want to talk about Sawyer.." But Syreeta walked on. She obviously didn't want to talk about Sawyer and definitely not a word about Holden.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Poor Syreeta.


Anonymous said...

Its hard being someones bestie.

ivy said...

Looks like things are changing in their friendship.