Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is how the story ends

Here's How the Story Ends..or Begins..

The breakup would have worked out so much better...IF

1. Sawyer told her he was moving back to his Mom's.
2. Holden was waiting for Syreeta on the other side of the gym at the Valentines day dance.

Granted, Valentines day was the worst day to breakup with someone, but it was the right thing to do. Syreeta just couldn't go on living this lie.

OK, she didn't come out and say anything to Sawyer about what she did with Holden. Maybe she should have, but she couldn't. She'd hurt him enough, telling him it was time, they saw other people.

Oh, she could have went on and on how they were so young and needed to experience new things.

"Like what?" Sawyer looked a little silly when he asked, but she knew he was hurt. Very hurt... that she wanted to break up with him. She knew he was in his comfort zone. She was his comfort zone. Things were just so..she didn't want to say boring, but very predictable. And she listened to him a lot, talking about  his two Moms, his new life with a step-mom and step-brother.

She just couldn't listen anymore. Was it wrong that she wanted to have some fun?

He was so awful quiet after she'd said her peace. She'd waited half-way through the night to tell him. He kept looking at his shoes after that. She hated to see him so sad. She'd tried to hug him, but he wouldn't let her.

Of course, she looked for Holden, but he was a no show. She'd even tried to text and call, but he didn't respond.

She'd asked Sawyer if he wanted her to take him home. He'd managed to shake his head, no. She didn't see him after that.

Now she'd gone out of her way not to face him in the hall at school. Somehow, she'd managed to not see him. Maybe he'd seen her, but he had not been obvious. Maybe it was best if they didn't see each other. Still, she wondered why she'd thrown this all away. All because of a kiss or two with Holden.

She felt so sad, thinking she'd been wrong to go with this urge of wanting to be with Holden.

Just then she looked up to see Sawyer coming her way. She took a quick turn and smashed right into somone's steady chest.

"Are you, OK?" He asked.

"Um.." Syreeta couldn't get over how he smelled of cinnamon and raisin bread. "I'm sorry."

Someone like Greyson Blue did not talk to somebody like her. After all, he was the football team, and also a senior.

"I know, it was my fault." He really wasn't the big old teddy bear she'd always imagined in his football uniform. He wasn't that BIG. Still..there was something of a teddy bear quality about him. Seriously, he had a quick smile of sincerity. His eyes were so peaceful. He really was a beautiful creature.

"Oh, no..I was..was.." Syreeta was at a loss for words. She needed to get to class. He kept smiling at her as she walked away. For a second she was sure she was going to walk into a wall or fall flat of her face. Thankfully, none of that happened until she got around the corner.