Saturday, March 1, 2014

as if

as if

"It was a little weird, but then again, I don't really know him." Carson explained to Aidan at their Saturday night dinner.

Carson was a solo act to Aidan who still felt he didn't know his cousin. He vaguely remembered him as a toddler when his parents were still together. It wasn't much to go on. He remembered he'd broken a lamp of his Dad's grandmother's when he first got to the house. Ever since, his Dad had labeled Carson as the worst kid in the world. He chuckled as he told Carson that story, but then felt bad that they'd thought of his cousin that way.

"Well, he hasn't met Gage yet." Carson was serious as he passed the new potatoes and green beans to Aidan. He was wearing Aidan's old clothes that obviously Aidan's mom thought Henry would wear, but were definitely not his taste. "I dunno if he even likes me. He's..he's so unpredictable."

Aidan nodded. He guessed he could stand the angst teenager for one night or two. He knew his mom wanted to start a Sunday night dinner as a weekly thing, but here he was doing this with Carson when he really wanted his weekends for Audrey, but she didn't seem to mind as she was stirring a new potato in the brown gravy on her plate. He knew something was on her mind, because she was being awful quiet.

"He might be homophobic." Carson let slip. "OK, so he's very homophobic." Carson clarified as he told Aidan how Gage asked him if he was gay. "He thought my clothes were gay."

Aidan couldn't help but scowl. Audrey only smirked at Aidan.

"I'll let Henry know. Maybe he better not bring Leo to dinner." Aidan guessed it was best to pass the information to his little brother, but he had a feeling Henry would be more flamboyant than ever just to irritate this cousin they'd never met.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I think Aidan's right.


ivy said...

oh sounds like an interesting dinner planned.