Monday, March 31, 2014

At Every Turn

At every turn

Shan was not gonna lie. This was quite awkward, being here with Leo. Shan was mute on the subject. No, he did not to help Leo get the job. After all, Shan didn't play favorites anywhere, unless it came to Fish.

But, he'd said it. He knew Leo could do something he could not do. Be there for Henry.

"I know you'd do the same. Especially, if it was Fish." Leo then said about the matter with Henry and the epileptic episode.

Now, Leo made Shan feel he'd never loved Henry. Maybe he didn't. But there was a time. There was. An overwhelming sad feeling came over Shan as he nursed his Cherry Pepsi. He found himself tearing up, for no good reason.

He knew he didn't let himself feel love, very easily. But he'd been smitten with Henry. Once. He had. Of course, he hadn't wanted to let himself be happy in the beginning. Because, he wasn't that happy about anything. Except smoked meats and long camping trails that made him feel one with the earth.

And then Leo mentioned Fish. Shan felt as if his heart had been stung. No, he couldn't bare the thought of anything bad happening to Fish.

Shan thought of the guyy he'd seen recently at the mall with the same kind of problem as Fish, but worse. So much worse with cerebral palsy. It pained Shan to think of Fish that way. Still, he would be there for Fish. He would because he didn't want to think of life, without him.

"Maybe..maybe Henry will never have another seizure." Shan shrugged, thinking Fish would never be plagued with more than a slight limp.

"Yeah, maybe so." Even when Leo said it, Shan knew Leo would be there for Henry.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Leo's a good guy.


ivy said...

I think Shan has grown more than he knows. Still, he might be a little selfish, but then its like, sometimes.