Sunday, March 30, 2014

At the Theater

At the Theater

Leo thought he might pass out when they told him he was hired. He wasn't sure if he was breathing. And then the worst of all possible things had to happen. Shan was to show him around. Leo froze.

"NO. NO." The words shouted in his head. He just didn't know he was up for this. He'd never ever spoken to him. He'd done his best to avoid the dude as much as possible.

For starters, he had a gut-wrenching feeling that Shan hated him. He must. He knew he would if he were in Shan's shoes. But then again, Shan had moved on. And there was Fish, who didn't have a problem with Henry. Fish never had a problem with anyone. How in the world did a guy like Shan, who looked as if he hated the world and everyone in it, be with happy-go-lucky Fish?

Obviously, Shan must have been good in bed. The thought made Leo cringe. He did not want to have that thought, but it crept up on him like a tattoo in a very bad place. He choked a cough which sounded more like a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Shan squinted.. as if Leo had a joke, he better tell it.

"Nothing." Leo shook his head, no. Realizing why he thought it, Henry and Shan had had sex. It was a harsh reality. And Leo couldn't could he? No, he'd only tried to comfort Henry when he was in the midst of shaking and jerking and drooling all over him. Leo remained thin lipped.

"You know, you're gonna have to smile around here, dude." Shan looked up at him. As it was Leo toward over him.

Leo only nodded, but he didn't smile as he nursed his bottom lip.

Shan did his part, explaining Leo's duties at the snack bar, and how the computer system worked. It was so much to take in.

Shan gave him an empty cup.

"I bet, you need something to drink about now." Shan shrugged. He got himself a drink at the soda fountain. "Fish said you had a pretty rough weekend."

Leo only looked at him, wondering if he should say anything about Henry or not. Leo got some ice in his cup and filled it up with rootbeer.

"That takes a lot of balls." Shan nodded. "I'm pretty sure I'd be running for cover if something like that happened." He looked at Leo out of the corner of his eye. "You, must really trust him."

Leo only sipped his drink. Leo had no reason to doubt Henry.


Sara Gerard said...

He will get through it!

ivy said...

I'm glad Henry has Leo.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Shan's not trying to start trouble.