Saturday, March 29, 2014

the state of things

The State of Things prt. 1

Maybe it was exhaustion setting in, but the fact remained...Henry couldn't sleep. He wanted to, but what if he didn't wake up? He'd blacked out before. He had no idea what day it was or anything. It was scary and he hated being this way. He hated that Leo had to deal with this too, but he hadn't gone away just yet, even if Henry was being a bit shitty to everyone.

"You, are not staying in this room alone with a pair of scissors!" His mother's voice carried through the sewing room, as Henry cringed. He held on to the scissors as if she would not win.

"Can't, you just stop imaging the worst?" He looked at her with a soured face as he seethed. Damn it, wasn't he on enough medication as it was? Now new pills. He might as well be going crazy. He could see very well in his mother's eyes that she thought he was a psycho. "I have to do something." He went ahead and cut the pant pattern he'd invented himself out of newspaper. There was work to be done. And besides, he wanted Leo to try these on when he got here, which would be after he had his interview at the movie-plex.

Leo hadn't wanted to go, but Henry wouldn't dare let him say no. He needed this job for so many reasons.

Henry looked at his mom who crossed her arms, giving him a perturbed look.

"What do you want me to do?" He winced.

"I want you to come inside the house, and be where I can see you." His mother told him.

Henry rolled his eyes at that.

"I want to see that, you, are OK." She pleaded as if she was reliving the scene in her head that Henry wished had been recorded, so he could see what they were talking about. Of course, he could see that in her eyes, she was afraid he might be in a zombie state that would never be normal again.

"Just give me..five minutes, OK?" Henry glared at her. He didn't want to waste her time, but he wanted to create something, while he could. Couldn't she understand that?

The State of Things prt. 2

Camille wanted to go back to work, but she wanted to be with Baby Carrie, too. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But somehow, her boss had talked her into having her own show. He explained that a lot listeners had missed her voice. And maybe all that talk radio needed an hour or two of the female experience. They needed the ratings.

So she was reluctant to start up her career, yet again. Perhaps it wasn't that much of a change, but it felt like it. Actually, it was more or less ..YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, KIDDO. Granted she was the one who organized her boss's show for the most part. She screened calls. She made sure everything went off with a hitch.

When Josie mentioned Eli and how miserable he was all the time. She didn't like having him at the Campus Coffee shop, all the time. He didn't even work there. "We tried, but he's just so weird. The way he looks at you, you know."

"Well, people wouldn't see him on the radio." Camille decided she would check out Dorian's ex, herself,  down at the Campus Coffee Shop. Just like Josie said, he was there, possibly too caffeinated to do anything.

"So, have you ever thought of radio?" Camille smiled, hoping to get his attention.

Naturally, he gave her a crooked wince with his furrowed brow as if he hadn't a clue what she was going on about with her new job.

She told him radio wasn't what it used to be because of so many more outlets for people to listen too, these days. But there was still talk radio and people did tune in locally if they wanted to listen what was going on in their community. She finally mentioned the job she was offered.

About that time, Carrie started to cry. Camille got her out of the stroller and cuddled her. She asked Eli if he'd be interested.

"I wouldn't have to take care of the baby, would I?" Eli was ever so serious.

"No, my neighbor will be watching her. It'll be just you and me in ...a box."  She smirked.

He gave her an odd look. She told him about the computers involved. He seemed to be warming up to the adventure of helping her produce her own radio show.


deb said...

Henry is being a bit of a butthead, but I guess it would be hard. Great that Camille sees the potential in Eli.

ivy said...

Poor Henry. I hope Eli likes working in radio.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

What an awesome endeavor!