Friday, March 28, 2014

Words can't explain

Words Can't Explain

Gray was no longer under his little sister's approval system. He didn't really care what Caitlin had to say about Nora.

How could he say it? Oh, he'd like to scream from the rooftops. He was exactly where he wanted to be. Nora was his princess. He knew this the moment he saw her in the hallway at school. Except she was with that drama dude that Gray hoped the rumors were true. Roman Hardy was gay.

Of course, he'd thought that little Freshman or was she a Sophomore? Was really special. According to Caitlin, just not special enough. According to her, her sister or someone close to Syreeta had been a real hellcat on the cheer squad, last year. Did Gray seriously want to get mixed up with someone like that?

He couldn't explained to his sister that he only wanted to be nice to her. But he didn't know any guys on the team that he'd want Syreeta to be interested in. Still, he felt certain if someone had a problem with Syreeta (including his sister) he'd take care of it.

He noticed Syreeta in the lunchroom with that guy always hanging around Caitlin and her best friend Jen. Those two were always making fun of him. But that was the way Caitlin operated. Always having some kind of fun at someone else's expense. He hoped Syreeta knew what she was doing.

At the moment though, he only had eyes for Nora.

Actually, he was pleased that she'd finally needed him for something. And he'd listened. Now he wished he could find a way for her not to go back to Roman Hardy's house. But he liked the idea very much that she hated Roman.

Yes, life was really getting good and football season was already over.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish he would think for himself.


ivy said...

He must be in love. I just don't know if he's actually thought the reality of it all, though.

Sara Gerard said...

I hope things blossom between them!