Monday, March 3, 2014

here is how it is

Here is how it is

Daisy looked through the bulk of photos that Josie handed over. They were photos from Ian and Jemma wedding.

"It took me most of January and Febuary to put Lola a care package together. Actually, I couldn't open up the envelope she sent me after New Years. She took all of them, and she and Ash developed them at the photo lab at her college." Josie explained as she made herself comfortable on the couch as if she might be ready for a therapy session at Daisy's.

"I'm proud of you." Daisy smiled as she went through the pictures. Maybe Josie had found closure with Ian. Although, she doubted they'd ever be friends.

"You know, I never ripped up the pictures of Ian and me. I was. I wanted to...for the longest time. But I had to keep them. I did...because..well..just because." Josie slightly frowned as if tears would appear any moment.

"They look so happy." Daisy made an observation. She wished for a life like that. She thought it might be with Hutch, but at the last minute..just when she guessed he was about to make his move on her, she said she couldn't see him anymore.

It didn't matter to him about the baby. He told her so. But it did matter. She knew she needed Max. She wanted to work it out. Somehow. But it really didn't look possible.

"I remember when..when Max and I were like that." She bit her bottom lip as she gave the photos back to Josie who put them in the fat envelope.

"I guess you know, I saw him at the Valentines dance..and..he wasn't alone," Josie said with a big sigh.

Daisy only shrugged. She guessed she deserved it.

"Well, I'm not seeing Hutch anymore," Daisy said. It was a fact. A fact that Josie needed to know.

"You really liked him, didn't you?" Josie asked.

Daisy nodded. The baby kicked her then, maybe to snap out of her fake love life. This was the real deal. Right under her skin.

"So how are, you going to get Max back?" Josie was ready to help.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Let the scheming begin.


ivy said...

I dunno if those 2 can do anything about Max. The baby might be the only one who can draw him back.

Sara Gerard said...

Those two together! Things will get interesting...