Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just a thought

Just a Thought

"God, I know I'm not any help at all." Josie shook her head after she gave Dean the hot chocolate. He met her at the campus coffee shop at the end of her shift. "Its just..I got to thinking..Daisy and I are..you know..like family. I mean..well..I guess I shouldn't come out and say it, but her kid and Dylan are..actually cousins."

"I think its sweet. You, going all Family on me, like this." He grinned taking a sip of hot chocolate leaving a white mustache of whipped cream on his upper lip.

"Obviously, I don't see Max getting back together with her. He's moved home. He's dating someone." Josie shrugged. "But, she is making him go to all the appointments with her. She signed them up for Lamaze  classes. She's going to her first La Leche league meeting too. She says she wants to get the 311 on all this breast feeding stuff."

"Now you sound like you won't have anything in common with her." Dean finally licked his upper lip.

"Yeah, I guess not." A lump wedged in her throat. "I did breast feed Dylan. For like six weeks."

"Why don't you see him anymore?" Dean asked.

"Oh, I dunno. I guess..I thought..if I stayed away..then Derrick would have too. There was a time I really didn't want Derrick to have anything to do with him." It was still a sore subject even if she didn't like to admit it. "But..things are fine. Its fine."

"Are you sure?" Dean gave her that puppy look as if he could go for a snack or just change her mind about seeing Dylan.

Josie pressed her lips tight as if she might think about calling Asa and see if she could see Dylan, soon.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Such a confusing time for Josie.


deb said...

I'm glad she can talk to him about Dylan.

ivy said...

It would be difficult. But I am glad she can still see Dylan.

Sara Gerard said...

Maybe she needs too.

Lady Lilith said...

Through all this time at lease she feels comfortable talking.