Wednesday, March 5, 2014

just babysitting

Just a thought

Dean listened to Max talk about Matti's story, Jane's daughter, as Max held her while she pulled at his face with her tiny fingers.

She was very blond with wispy strands of hair in her face. Her eyes were so dark and ominous, yet there was still something cheerful about her.

"Her dad killed my sister Amanda." Max clarified ever so grim.

They were alone. Josie was off in the bathroom with Dylan who wanted to show her he knew where the bathroom was and that he had a pottie. Although, he hadn't used it yet.

"God, I shouldn't have said that." Max shook his head as if it were a bad dream he had no business repeating. He touched the cowlick on the back of her head and immediately she fell back into his arms as if they were so close, as if she might be his own. She was so tiny. Dean couldn't imagine her even walking, but she didn't last long in Max's arms, either. She scurried to where the toys were. She wanted both of them to play with her.

"Its all right." Dean hadn't exactly put all the pieces of the puzzles together between Asa and Jane. It was strange. The two of them together. But he'd heard just about everything being in foster care. "She looks happy." Matti was a few months older than Dylan. She was already going to the bathroom.

Dean had to wonder if Matti knew about her Dad. After all, she was talking some.  Dean could tell Max wished he'd kept his mouth shut.

"Its just, I really hope Daisy has a girl. I want to name her Amanda. Maybe..maybe she's just not telling me." Max hadn't been there for the first sonogram. He'd had to work. He sounded as if they would have fired him if he'd left his job for the appointment. "My supervisor says now that..they'll let me off for appointments."

Dean only nodded. He wasn't so sure if he wanted to talk about this, but here he was helping Josie babysit while Asa and Jane were at a pre-natal appointment of their own.

"I think my foster mom is going to actually adopt this..this one little boy." Dean shrugged. "He's not exactly a special needs, but he's got some emotional problems. Kind of. His parents are divorced, and well, they took him away from his mother because she was neglecting him." He really couldn't see how anyone could not like Robby who was six. "He looks like he's three." He was still in pampers. "I guess neither one of them wanted to raise him." Dean guessed some people didn't like dwarfs.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Robby would be lucky to have them.


Sara Gerard said...

An interesting afternoon to say the least.