Thursday, March 6, 2014

little woes

Little Woes

"Doesn't it bother you, that..that Ren didn't adopt you?" Max winced. He couldn't help it. He'd avoided the foster system, hadn't he? Still Asa was his legal guardian. He guessed he was sort of like Dean.

Maybe he wished Asa would have adopted him too. He did feel closer to him than his actual dad. Somehow, he knew he would be nothing like his own Dad when it came to being a father. He was going to go with Daisy to her next appointment. He was a little shocked that she'd called him about it.

"Not really." Dean shrugged, but he'd been with Ren for a very long time. Dean told him she was separated from her husband, but he visited ever so often. Dean talked about going into the army in a few months.

"A week after school is out." Dean smiled about it. At least he knew his future. Max had thought about it, but he didn't know if that was the answer. The guys he knew who were in the military usually didn't stay in that long, or a few never came back.  Some weeks, he thought he would go to the recruiting office and sign up without a second thought. And yet, all that seemed to matter at the moment was the baby and who was having his baby.

Max shook his head.

"How's Josie going to deal with this?" Max squinted hard thinking they were good for each other. The perfect relationship. Josie was still alone with Dylan who brought her a book and wanted her to read to him in his favorite rocking chair that was in his room.

"She's going to be fine." Dean shrugged as he went to catch Matti before she crawled up the entertainment center. He swooped her up in his arms. It surprised her.

Max couldn't help but smile. Now Dean was the one with Daddy skills, and he didn't even know it.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

You can never be too sure when Josie's involved.


ivy said...

Oh, it will be interesting how Josie will be when Dean leaves.