Sunday, March 16, 2014

little heartbeats

little heartbeats

Asa couldn't sleep, either. It was awful cold without Jane, there next to him. But he didn't go after her. He guessed she needed time alone. Time to digest what was ahead of them.

He hated that he'd doubted her when she first told him the instinct she had about the baby.

"This..isn't ..anything like last time." She'd said and he'd reminded her that she wasn't alone now. She wasn't having to do it all on her own. What a wreck she must have been. Matt had not exactly been there for her. As it was, he'd accused her of not being faithful to him along with a few other things that Asa wished not to think on.

It was going to be OK. But now he supposed his promise was ever so lame. And now she was being quiet as if their was nothing he could say to fix this. Maybe there wasn't. He didn't want to fear the unknown, but he did. Still, he needed to keep a brave face. She needed to know he was there for her.

Finally she came back to bed, and turned away from him. Maybe she could really sleep this time. He couldn't help to want wrap himself around her and hold her. And she let him. But she said nothing.

"I think we should just go to the justice of the peace, like tomorrow," Asa said ever so quiet. They'd put this off far too long. They should be married.

"No." He thought he heard her whisper.

"What?" He wanted to fling the covers off, but he did his best to remain still and feel her warmth consume him.

"March is a very bad month to get married." She sounded like a gypsy girl now, who needed to get out her crystal ball to converse with.

"Why is March a bad month?" He whispered back.

"It just is." She sounded so grim. That was the month her grandmother died and her dog ran away and her uncle was blown up in Desert Storm. The list went on.

"OK. What about April?" He wanted to know. They had to stay positive. They needed something special to think about. They were in this together.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Positivity is definitely key.


deb said...

I loved this part!

ivy said...

Oh..I hope things get better.