Tuesday, March 18, 2014

off we go

Off We Go

"You like her, and you know it." Gage enjoyed that silly grin of Carson's.

"I just met her." Yeah, he was being goofy, and Gage wanted the goofy moment to last just a little bit longer. He hated this family crap. He'd just soon forget he had actual relatives.

It was forbidden to mention their mother. He hated her and did not want to know her. He didn't really think of his Dad, either.

Still, Carson was his brother and he wanted the best for Carson. Actually, he couldn't explain what he felt for him. Perhaps, it was the thought that someone actually did come looking for him, and they wanted to be a part of his life.

Soon enough, they were on their way to the dinner. It was cold as night fell around them. Again, Gage was under dressed.

"I wasn't suppose to wear a suit, was I?" Gage was in jeans, an old black Tee under and even older flannel shirt, he wore more like a jacket.

"Am I dressed up?" Carson pointed out as he drove.

"You're always dressed up. You, look good enough to take to church. I bet that's what she thought when she saw you. She's a preacher's daughter, you know." Gage reminded him.

"You're such a wealth of information." Carson festered a frown

"Well, I try." It was best to focus on Carson and not about him. He hadn't breathed a word to anyone about Halie and the pregnancy. She hadn't exactly been e-mailing him like she said she would, either. Once he got his own phone. Maybe they could text.

Just when Gage thought, he'd be happy if there was only a world with just himself and his brother.

They got to the house. Gage knew who lived here.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Trouble awaits...


ivy said...

Oh..Gage, I'm glad he's warming up to his brother, but I dunno how this will turn out.

Sara Gerard said...

Yesh, that went from happy to tense pretty quickly!