Wednesday, March 19, 2014

something right maybe

The Evolution of Vada

Vada and Joel. Joel and Vada. Could that possibly be right? Did she dare write it across her notebook, again and again?

She didn't do things like that. No, up until now she was the Lone Ranger with no Tonto. Except she was a girl who pretty much stayed in the shadow, unless she wanted to be in the spotlight.

Were they in the spotlight? Well, her dance coach was pleased. Even asked them if they'd like to go to district in a dance competition which was a new category they'd started for those in theater.

It was still a lot to comprehend. Were they..THAT GOOD?

"Well, yeah.." Joel grinned when it was mentioned. "I mean, if Vada..I mean, I-I have to be Vada's partner." They would do the routine they'd worked on for the production of Grease.

Perhaps they were giddy as little school girls now. He'd came over for the homemade Mac n' cheese on opening night and he'd been pretty much a mainstay since. He was even here for the dinner with Henry's cousins.

As Henry put it, "The  more guests we can have, the merrier."

Of course, there was pot roast with all the fixings. Fresh baked rolls were already tempting.

"Aren't you, suppose to have corned beef this time of year?" Joel winced and mumbled something about St. Parick's day. Then he went into a spill how his grandma made cabbage rolls when he lived with her in New Jersey.

Suddenly, Vada thought of Ren and her cabbage rolls. They really were the best. She hadn't thought about them in ages, but before she could get sentimental, the doorbell rang. The guests arrived. Henry greeted them first.

And when Vada looked up, there was Gage. She practically gulped, thinking a frog might actually jump out of her throat.

"What are you doing here?" She hugged herself as if this was just some funny mistake. This couldn't possibly be true.

"Long story short. We got the blood test to prove it. So here I am. Guess we're cousins now." Gage glared at her with an uneasy grin.

Henry's mother looked at her as if she needed to explain.

"Uh.." She cleared her throat. "He." She shut her eyes tight. "I knew Gage..from..from before..." She pressed her lips tight.This just wasn't the time to talk about the foster home where they grew up.

 She grabbed Joel's hand as if nothing from the past could hurt her now.

something right maybe


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Such a strange situation.


Sara Gerard said...

wow, that is a shocker!