Friday, April 18, 2014

friends not so friends

Friends..not so friends..

Josie hoped she wasn't smothering Dean. Of course, she was so happy to be with him at the pizza party, which she could hardly call a party, but still it was good company. Even Luna and Zac were there.

Finally, she really felt a part of their little group. She did have good friends. And she hadn't let herself think of the future. However, it wasn't far off.

She'd catch herself, wondering how she would feel when Dean was off to bootcamp. Deep down, it felt like a nightmare. Why would she dare let herself think on it?

No, this was what she needed. More moments of being with her friends and Dean.

"Why haven't you talked to Halie, lately?" Her mom asked as she was getting ready for school the next day. Her mom was holding Carrie and doing a  little bounce dance with her baby sister, evidently Carrie enjoyed.

Carrie also liked the BeeGees too. Josie had caught Duncan singing "How to mend a broken heart" to her when he was trying to get her to sleep. Josie wanted to think of those two together instead Halie, these days.

"Well, she hasn't called me." Josie shrugged straight lipped as she reached for a dark sweater. In fact, Halie seldom texted her.

"You, should call her, or something. Whatever it is, you kids do." Her mother suggested.

"Oh, as if you never text Zac's Mom." Josie gave her mom a Mom glare, as if who was the kid now?

"I can talk to Franny in the street." Her mom gave her a "duh" look as if she were old school.

Josie rolled her eyes at that. Yes, she could have contacted Halie more, but she was still a little bitter with her. She didn't think they were friends, at all. She had to wonder if Halie was using her now. Like some small devious ploy. She didn't like thinking that way about her friend, but it hurt that Halie couldn't have trusted her more. Told her what was really going on. And the thought of Halie and Gage together still gave her a sick feeling.

"Mom, maybe..maybe we just need think." Josie sighed with a sleepy look. Yes, a part of her wouldn't mind crawling back in bed this morning. She was sure she could dream of Dean, easily. Halie, not so much.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie's in a tough place.


Sara Gerard said...

So many ups and downs for Josie!

ivy said...

So love the collage. I think Josie is wiser now. I hope, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I do love these colors in the picture. Hopefully, things will get better.