Saturday, April 19, 2014

what's a girl to do

what's a girl to do?

Halie was beginning to think her Mom should raise the baby. Well, that thought was in her head on a good day. Seriously, it would be perfect.

Yet, there were days when everything made her sick. She hated this state of being. It was like the little monster, hardly the size of a pea, was taking over her life. There were many days she stayed in the loo, on the frigid tile floor.

And Rufus (Her Mom's boyfriend and Archie's Dad) wanted to be her friend. That alone was a real headache.

Jonah was being all quiet. He stayed back at his flat in London these days. And then Archie arrived. It was her chance to chat him up. Be old friends. They could hardly call each other siblings because they weren't even related.

"So, you really aren't seeing Magz, are you?" Suddenly, Halie didn't feel so prego anymore, as she put it these days. Of course, she wasn't going to mention it Archie. No sense in alarming this old chum of hers.

"No." Naturally, he was all solemn about it. A part of her had to wonder if he had the same thing Jonah had about social situations. Archie wasn't the most animated person on the planet.

Halie did her best to talk about what ever he wanted. Oh, she couldn't dare talk about her own troubles, how she wasn't making friends at school. Actually, anywhere.

Archie was all she had left. Somehow, she'd make the best of it.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Things will work out for the best.


ivy said...

Halie might not get everything she wants.