Sunday, April 20, 2014

little pieces coming together

little pieces coming together

Camille supposed she should be thinking about her wedding next month, but she hadn't time to fuss too much. After all, Franny said she'd take care of everything in her back yard.

They'd planned the food together. Actually, it was a neighborhood potluck block party. It would be fun. Camille and Duncan had already planned the playlist and an unlikely instrumental would be the wedding march. Morissy's "Please, let me get what I want", the title might have sounded grim but the instrumental was rather elegant and regal.

Of course, she hadn't lost any weight like she'd planned. It was easier said than done. But she looked through the notebook that she'd put together, hoping to bring the wedding to life.

"I thought, it was settled." Duncan mentioned as he went to get himself a cup of coffee on a very quiet Sunday morning. Carrie was sleeping.

"Its not that." She pondered over the flowers and a picture of Franny's back yard that still might have a bit of snow on it in the corners. "Its Josie."

"Josie?" He said it like an alarm. "What happened now?" He talked about Dean and how good things were going for the two of them these days.

"I know..I know I shouldn't worry, but I do." Camille wanted to stop herself. "But he's leaving, you know, next month for the Army. I dunno if he'll be here for the wedding." She hadn't thought about that until now. "They get out of school so early, here." A part of her wished they could move the wedding up. But she wanted to wait after graduation and Mother's day.

"I just hope she won't do anything drastic." Camille kept studying the photos of wedding gowns and flowers, trying to make herself picture her wedding and not Josie being a wild child.

"How drastic?" Duncan winced as he took a sip of his creamed coffee. He stood there in his old jeans and old grey sweatshirt. He was going to work on the lawn mower.

"I dunno. She got herself pregnant when I divorced her Dad." Camille still thought it was all her fault.

"Camille, it wasn't something you did." He assured her.

"I just wish... she'd be happy being who she is, and you know, getting her education. She needs to stop thinking about boys." Of course, Camille would hate to stop thinking about the male species. Of course, she was glad she'd found Duncan and .... Maybe some day Josie would have the same thing. Just not right now.

Duncan only nodded.

"I'm sure she'll be OK." Duncan left it at that.


deb said...

I'm glad Josie's mom is concerned about her.

ivy said...

I dunno if I like the way she's talking about Josie. Anyway, I think Duncan is supportive.