Monday, April 21, 2014

moving on with a girl like Maybe

Zoe Kazan & friends

Archie was faithful to his Dad. He'd only come to see him. Not Halie. Still, it was so easy to be swept up in her world like a whirlwind. He'd smart'n up on how Halie worked.

"Why is it... you, just look at me, like Jonah?" She wanted to go to the pub instead of the petting zoo on the outskirts of town, but he preferred to stay away from drink. He did not want to be unlucky like his father.

"Maybe its you." Archie on shrugged. She was not of the caliber of the girls he knew at the college. Yes, Magz was a lost cause (after the New Year's kiss with Halie), but her roommate, Maybe wasn't.

Maybe was older than Archie. Yet, she had her quirks too. She came off so studious and solemn, and acted as if she hated people. Yet she was quite fun. Alone.

Oh, it would be so impractical to the normal person, but she loved to act out Harlequin novels. It was cheap fun. But she always had him in stitches, she said he was becoming quite good.

"I'm seeing someone." Archie finally announced as if he needed his freedom from Halie. Of course, he knew it wasn't official. Maybe did have a friend in Australia. Of course, it was strictly an Internet connection. Maybe it wouldn't last. Maybe it would. But at the moment he was happy with his life. And it didn't hurt to see Magz being friends with Jonah.

Of course, Archie didn't have the heart to tell Halie the latter part.

Well, she was quiet then. Awfully, quiet.

"Look, I'm sure you'll be fine." Archie finally said. "You've got college."

Halie began to cry. She went on and on about what a fool she'd been. He supposed it was all for her benefit. He supposed. She got an ice cream out of him in the end. That was all the sympathy he could do for her. But some things, she was going to have handle on her own.

"You know, its not about, you, anymore." It wasn't exactly a question, but he could see she thought it was. Just how many guesses would it take for her?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Halie's got her plate full, that's for sure.


ivy said...

I hope things work out for Archie and Maybe.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, there is a lot to sort out through for the both of them!