Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I just wanna

I just wanna

Jonah felt as if this was genuine. He just couldn't deny it. Not with Magz. He'd thought she was this precious little doe eyed lass, the moment he laid eyes on her. And she was with Archie.

He remembered how Halie couldn't stand her. Archie was just settling. Funny, he presumed now she was  talking about herself. He knew even then she was determined to break them up. He should have ran like a scared squirrel, even then, from Halie.

But he reckoned this would be as good as it gets. After all, he was the one with the social problem. It so had not worked out with the male species. At least, he'd felt OK for the most part with Halie. As long as they played by her rules. But it wasn't anything like Gilly and Fiona cherished.

They loved being together. Helping each other. They were there for each other. Didn't matter if they had a little or a lot. They were happy to see each other, every day with cuddles and kisses. Actually, Fiona might have been the strongest person he knew. She was really good with people. And she ignored what ever they might have to say about her one arm. She'd overcome a lot.

Somehow, he saw that in Magz too. It was in her smile. Her quietness. And then it was as if the bottom fell out with her and Archie over Halie and that stupid kiss.

"I just don't like it." She'd told him over the phone when it first happen, oh so many months ago. He was so happy that she'd called him first. Immediately, he wanted to know where she was. She'd gone to a pub. He talked her out of getting a lager and going back to her room. All the while, he listened to her sad feelings. How much she'd truly felt for Archie, who was her first boyfriend.

She'd cried so much. That weekend, he'd gone down to see her. Make sure she hadn't fallen completely apart. They'd spent the day taking in the campus and a stroll where other couples would go at the park. Perhaps, she was more of a comfort to him than he was to her. Actually, he'd stayed numb about this whole thing with Halie for a good long while. He'd stayed up nights writing in his notebook his own stories which meant rewriting on his computer to send to Jules, who could then see it in pictures for their graphic novels.

Yeah, he might not have completely been there for Magz, but now he was. He was serious about her.

Because, he knew he felt something. A longing he couldn't quite describe. Jonah loved that she e-mailed him everyday. It only made him want to be with her more. And now that the dust had settled with all of Halie's shenanigans, he knew where he should be. With Magz.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm happy for Jonah!


ivy said...

Aw, I do like Magz.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so much complication, but I am glad Jonah decided who he wants to be with!