Thursday, April 24, 2014

If only it were party central

if only it were party central prt.1

Julie was still peeved with Kera for putting them up to this, but it was true...they never had people over. And she knew lots of people. But the people she knew in the music business were people she didn't want to invite over. Had her sister ever seen a hungry band?

They could eat you out of house and home. No, she would not be asking any bands over. But there was one person she could think of, that she'd kind of missed. Actually, she hadn't seen Sky in a long time. When she called his number she still had in her phone, she was surprised when he picked up.

He was the same old Sky. Really down to earth. As always, his reputation succeeded him. Funny, thing, she couldn't really remember why he wasn't playing in a band, anymore. There were some teenage girl troubles. Something about statutory rape, but then again he'd been found not guilty. She thought. But there was that other thing, too. Something about his little sister, she remembered. She'd been killed in a hit and run.

Julie hoped she hadn't ruined the night by asking him over. Besides, she knew either of her sisters would be happy to see him. Even if they probably wouldn't get anywhere with him. Actually, he was the nicest musician she'd ever met. And here he was with his old guitar.

His smile was still as rezealiant , and he gave Julie a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Now she felt a little stressed wondering what Crosby would think, but he was busy talking to Hansen while Sara hung on to Hansen as if she might lose him in their empty apartment.

Sky made himself comfortable and tuned his guitar, paying Kera no mind who was there with a drink.

"Would you stop with the drinks!" Whispered Julie back in the kitchen. "What are you trying to do?"

"Its a party." Kera rolled her eyes at that as she nursed on the drink that was suppose to be for Sky.

Julie winced. "Can't we just be grownups?" Besides, did they really want to see Matti drunk? She'd get the giggles and then fall asleep on someone's shoulder.

Didn't her sister know they were not party people. Why start now?

If Only It Were Party Central prt.2

Holden had the car tonight, but he didn't drive. Gage did. Holden was upset, to begin with. Going by Sryeeta's house was a mistake. Just what was he trying to do? In fact it had been months since he'd seen her. Face to face. Perhaps he liked to have a crowd around so he wouldn't do anything completely awkward. But they'd stopped by before the party. Gage gave him a pep talk that he could do this. He could do this with Syreeta.

Gage knew about Essie and how that worked out. Awful. Everything was awful in Holden's dizzy head. No way could he get behind the wheel. When he saw Syreeta with that kid, it was the last straw.

How could she?

Clive was holding the kitten. He was there at the door with Syreeta. Holden would have thought they might have a baby together. The way Clive acted. No, Syreeta wasn't going anywhere with him. They were done. Obviously.

So here he was, kind of shaky. Gage was all smiles. He did all the talking and somehow maneuvered him off on Matti, Julie's little sister.

She was like a Madonna of some kind, but sweet. Oh, so sweet. Holden could see it in her smile, and she talked about ballet school. How she didn't go to regular school, but she went to public school online.

"You, can do that?" He'd never heard of such a thing. "Maybe I should try it." Why hadn't his Dad done anything about that? He sighed standing there in the dark livingroom while some guy with a guitar was playing old songs from THE CLASH, except so calm and serene. It almost made Holden sleepy.

No, instead they found a place in the corner to sit. He looked around thinking anyone else should be in his spot, but him. But there was no one. Gage went off with the girl with the booze.

Matti was so beautiful and blond and probably not his type. Who was he kidding? He didn't have a type. But he was so sure he wasn't her type. No, he couldn't be. He better not be.

"I was in a car accident." He began. If there was a sure way to nix any good karama between them, it was the story about the car accident.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

All that drinking is not a good idea.


ivy said...

Maybe it will be better than expected.

deb said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens.