Friday, April 25, 2014

you'd never know it

You'd never know it

"So what was that all about?" Clive finally got up the nerve to ask. It sort of felt that he and Syreeta were going out. Except, they hadn't really gone anywhere. But he was going to change that. He was working weekends at Burger King now. They wouldn't give him full time part-time since he was only 15, but he did get early hours on Saturday and Sunday. It was a start.

Besides, he didn't quite trust his brother, sometimes. He knew anyone would ask if his brother was in a gang, but he wasn't. He was just mental. Only no one, talked about it.

It wasn't all the time. But, his brother was weird about the cat. The way he talked to Chloe. It was scary sometimes, Clive didn't really think his brother would hurt the kitten. However, Clive felt Chloe would be safe with Syreeta.

Anyway, Marvin (Clive's brother) was really smart. Or he used to be. Maybe it was college getting to him, but his Dad had his own problems with the post office and his Mom was so stressed out with her accounting job. Really, it was a lot more fun being here with Syreeta. Besides, he could be himself with Syreeta, but he had to wonder what she'd be doing with someone right now..if he wasn't here.

"Oh, its nothing." They went back to the silly movie they were watching. The popcorn bowl was almost empty, but he wouldn't ask for more. Maybe he'd out stayed his welcome.

"So was that your boyfriend, or something?" Clive asked.

"No." She acted as if it were painful to talk about. "He's just.."

"He's that guy who killed Sunny Wilson." Clive stated. that's what he'd heard. How could she dare like somebody like this Holden?

"He did not." She made a face. "He was in a coma."

"Yeah, a good reason we will never know what actually happened." Clive was firm on this. His brother's girlfriend used to know Sunny. They'd been friends once. He remembered how Mazzy took the news. She was so sad.

"You, don't even know him?" She squinted hard as if he was the prejudice one.

He popped another kernel in his mouth. Maybe he was. He wouldn't dare say it, but he bet Syreeta only dated white guys.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish he wouldn't judge Syreeta that way.


Sara Gerard said...

I agree with the above comment, seems like there are some jealousy issues here. Maybe Syreeta needs to be a little more open/clear how she feels about Clive? Just friends, or something else?