Monday, April 28, 2014

miles away

miles away

It was true, Kera took Gage's mind off a lot of things. Especially, with Halie. But she wasn't the only one on his mind as of recent weeks. Ren.

A lump lodged in his throat everytime he thought Ren might be drifting. Drifting some other place, he didn't want her to go. She was way too friendly with the guy, Rick who ran the soup kitchen. They were just too close. Maybe that's why he still volunteered there.

She had no business being with a guy probably ten years younger than her. It would just be stupid.

Of course, Kera was probably a good five years older than him, maybe more. But that made it all the more exciting. Yeah, they had some fun in the kitchen that night at the party, and there was no cooking involved. Not like now, at the soup kitchen, where he was standing in a white apron and little white hat watching the soup begin to boil.

Ren was all so sweet as she smiled at Rick.

Gage's weak smile swelled in a frown. She just couldn't? Not Rick.

He thought of the story about how she met her husband on the night of a graduation party. He was in love with some other girl, and she was playing songs on her guitar. Sad love songs about a boy who never really cared about her.

Well, they (Ren and her now husband Jamie) hadn't exactly hooked up that night. But she'd stayed with him after everyone left and listened to how his true love left him for Vesser. Of course, she told him he should go after her. And he did the next day. But a month later he was back home. It hadn't worked out. Ren was thinking about going into the Navy. And Jamie stopped her.

Maybe it was not a good love story, after all.

Ren did deserve better. A lot better than this Rick guy who ran the soup kitchen.

Gage sighed. What had been so hot and heavy with Kera soon faded. He knew neither were hurt. She'd probably act as if she didn't know him. He could do the same. Yeah, it was just good practice until the real thing came along.


deb said...

Sorry trying to catch up but I am sick again so have not really been able to keep up with the stories like I like too. I take it that you are trying to work some mixed ages into this story. Am i right? How do you come up with your ideas?? everyone is new and different.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sad to see this type of thinking at work. Maybe it could have been the real thing.


ivy said...

Oh Gage, he is a little warped.