Sunday, April 27, 2014

turn the cell phone off

You Keep My Heart Busy

Roman came to apologize. It was his parents doing. They assured him if he apologized and was sincere enough that Nora would come back and it would all would be forgiven. He'd be chauffer and splendid son at school and the country club. Couldn't he do that?

But she was at Greyson's house. He squinted so hard as if somebody was out to humiliate him.

To his surprise, Greyson did not open the door.

It was his sister, Caitlin.

"Is Nora here?" He asked when she let him in. Of course, he was a foot taller than the bleached blond, but she was a cheerleader with all the right curves and New Jersey shore thin tanned legs. No one, in their right mind would be in such a snug and sexy short shorts outfit in this weather. But then she was a native and this cold spring didn't bother her in the least.

"Nora?" She looked at him so dumb. Or was that wit or just charm? She acted as if she didn't know the name nor what she was suppose to do about it. "She's out with my brother?" Her smile was sweet as she took his hand.

Roman couldn't help it, but the soft gesture almost took his breath away. It was as if a fire lit behind  his eyes.

Was it true? She was really happy to see him. Oh, he couldn't smile about it. He just wouldn't. No point in it. Really, he needed to go, but there he was staring at her delicate tanned hand in his. Did she bake everyday at the tanning salon? She just couldn't be the football player's sister. She was so...not like anything he'd met around here.

Oh, it was a hop skip and a jump upstairs.

Were they the only ones there in this lovely family setting?

Roman took a deep breath.

"What do, you want with her, anyway?" Caitlin asked as she pushed him down on her plush pink bed. Before he knew it, she was toppled over him with her locks of golden white hair practically all over him.

"I-I..I think she..she..should come home." Roman cleared his throat, knowing he should be doing something, but she straddled him as if she might have seen it done in a porno.

Caitlin only smiled. And then she pulled up his shirt to check out his abs.

"Oh, my GOD!" It was as she might start a cheer. "You're so pale!" She jerked the shirt off of him and reached for her Sharpies. It was as if the canvas finally arrived. She went to work immediately.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Caitlin's a bit of a man-eater.


Anonymous said...

OMG..what in the world is she doing????????????

ivy said...

Wow..didn't see that one coming.