Sunday, April 6, 2014

nothing what so ever

Nothing What so Ever

Aidan really didn't like getting into these situations, but then again, Audrey was right. Oliver was family.

"So, glad you could make it." Aidan gave the thumbs up to the stew in the crock pot. He could have just gotten ribs from work, but Audrey wanted it to be a home cooked meal for the boys. After all, she was working tonight at the library with Kayla.

They could talk. Aidan and Oliver. Really talk. Audrey made it sound so easy. Aidan had no idea where he was suppose to start. But Oliver showed up at 7 with Avery.

Oliver was reserved as always. Maybe that was the real problem. He was all so proper these days. Not that happy go lucky English guy Aidan met some time ago when Oliver was trying his best to make a go of it at the Campus Coffee shop. Things were good there. Not so much in the dying downtown area. The police department was moving into a newer building in the popular side of town. There was word around that the library might get the old building and the next one, as well to expand for the population. The library might cover two whole buildings. Maybe even a third. Well, it was only talk.

"Just think how close you and Kayla would be?" Aidan said while dishing out a bowl of stew for Oliver.

He barely got a smile out of Oliver's thin face. He'd lost weight the last few months. Aidan was sure he really didn't know him at all. And he was so quiet, but he'd brought along Avery to entertain, perhaps. It was like looking at a mini Kayla. Aidan could even see a resemblance of Audrey too.

Oliver broke a corn muffin open for Avery and slathered it with a soft butter-like spread that of course, was good for you.

"Kayla's going vegan." Oliver announced. His grin was almost funny. "Best not tell her about the stew."

"What? She doesn't let you nor Avery have any meat?" Aidan didn't know. Maybe that's what this fuss was about. Kayla and her new eating habits.

Oliver shook his head, no.

"She's quite adamant about it." Oliver told him as he wiped Avery's chin. She went to the little chunks of beef like a hungry little meat eater.

Suddenly, Aidan felt like the worst Uncle in the world. Still, he wanted a little girl just like her. And it didn't matter to Aidan if Oliver really wasn't Avery's biological father or not, he was a natural Dad.

'I..I hear your brother got married." Aidan felt as if he might have dropped a little bomb. "When's the last time you, talked to Ian?"

"We don't talk any more." He noticed how Oliver could hardly put his words together above a whisper.

Aidan hated to ask why. He knew everything from Audrey.

"Maybe..maybe you do ..need to talk about it, Oliver." Aidan watched Oliver with his daughter.

"What's there to talk about?" Oliver looked at him blankly.

"Everything." Aidan shrugged. "Tell me, whats really going on with Kayla?"

Oliver only sighed. He went back to his stew. Obviously, he had nothing to talk about.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe it's not Oliver's place to say...


ellie said...

I feel bad for Oliver.