Monday, April 7, 2014

we could be on fire

we could be on fire

"I know they are back together and all, but I really don't see it working out." She could have been talking to no one. Since it was just the two of them staying after class copying notes from math on the white board, Sawyer had a pretty good idea that Angie was talking to him.

It was as if he'd dropped out, as of late. Yet he was still standing after everything Syreeta had put him through. Yes, he was there to witness her getting wooed by the Senior football player, and now her cat and mouse games with the cool black kid, who posed occasionally as a nerd.

"Can't, you let it go?" He questioned as if they might be in a counseling session of some kind.

"I have let go." She smiled as if it were really true. She closed her notebook and waited for him to finish up. It was true. They only had each other these days. She ate alone in the cafeteria. He ate alone. It never occurred to him that he might actually acknowledge her. No, this was the only part of the day they made contact. When everyone left, after the last bell, except the two of them. Even their teacher trusted them. Although, neither were quite making the grade.

"No, you haven't." Sawyer winced. "That's just crap. Have you, been listening to yourself, lately? You, are so in love with Max. I bet he doesn't even care."

"He cares." Her voice cracked as if Sawyer was being just mean now. Not honest.

"Believe me, he doesn't." Sawyer knew Syreeta didn't. He couldn't look at her now. God knows, how he went out of his way to avoid her. Besides, he might fall apart. Didn't matter how nice his step brother and his girlfriend were to him. He just wanted to be alone. But he remembered how Zac coaxed him daily into asking out Angie.

Zac went on and on about how adorable Angie was. He knew for certain Zac was talking about Luna because every girl he saw who might slightly look like Luna.... had to be OK.

Sawyer blew a breath as they got ready to make their final exit. Soon enough, he'd high tail it home, across Smoker's hill and the ball park. Even if it were soggy on these cloudy cold days. It was still sweater weather.

"Look, there is this concert." He didn't even know the band playing. "And..and my brother said he'd take me..if..if I bring a date." He felt awful, even thinking of Zac as a real brother, but he did offer. "Do you want to go?"

"OK." He thought he heard her say.

"What?" She couldn't have said that, he thought his hearing was going.

"Sure." She pulled her backpack over one shoulder very carefully as she put her one braid on the other side of her neck. Making all the proper adjustment for a swift walk out of the building.


"I could change my mind." She was straight lipped as if she'd figured him out. He had no intentions of her actually going.

"NO." He felt hot under the collar. Maybe he'd pass out, or something. "'" He was bumbling with words. "My brother will drive us. I don't drive."

"You, never wanted to drive?" She winced as if that were odd.

"I was in an accident, when I was little." He confessed. "My mother doesn't think I know, but I ended up in the floor board of the front seat, and she hit her head so hard on the driving wheel that It left this horrible gash. I thought she was dead. She was just drunk. She forgot to buckle my car seat in. I was suppose to be in the backseat." He didn't want to remember any of it, but it still haunted him like a bad dream which happened to him, frequently. Here he was telling Angie all about it, and he'd never breathed a word of this to anyone..ever. He didn't know why, but she listened.


The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Lovely post!


ivy said...

Maybe she's just what Sawyer needs.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that he's opening up to her.


Sara Gerard said...

It is good that he is talking to someone about it, it seems like he needs it.

MOSAMUSE said...

great writing!