Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sky's the limit

Sky's the limit

Mitch knew the only person who could fix his electric guitar worked at the library.

"You, should just chunk that old thing," He remembered Derrick saying it was good for nothing. But it was his first electric guitar that he learned to play an old Led Zepplin tune on. Of course, Derrick went through electric guitars like they were nothing. Still, Mitch had faith in the old blue guitar. So he packed it up and told Derrick he'd meet him later.

Of course, Derrick was suppose to be ready for class even if he didn't have to get to school until 10 a.m. Mitch was always an early bird. He'd stopped by Derrick's about 8. Of course, he wasn't up. He ended up chatting with Camille for a good long while. Even got to hold the baby.

Finally, Derrick drank some coffee with him, but as soon as it was nine, Mitch was off to the library.

"Wait? Who's at the library?" Derrick squinted hard as if he was trying to think who could repair an electric guitar at the library.

"This guy named Sky." Mitch shrugged. "Don't you remember him?"

"Sky?" Derrick shook his head, no.

"He's been there forever." Mitch couldn't help but chuckle as he shook his head. "You, don't know everybody."

"And just what does he do at the library?" Derrick winced as if he might be kind of worried.

"He's a shelver." Mitch looked at him blankly.

"A shelver?" Derrick still looked at him as if he didn't get it.

Mitch just shook his head, thinking why was it so important to Derrick?

Soon Mitch was at the library. It didn't even feel open. Not a patron insight, but he found Sky in the floor of the children's section putting books away. He hadn't changed much. Dark hair still in his eyes, hiding those bright blue pupils. He was listening to some heavy metal stuff in his earbuds, but he wasn't making a sound.

"Hey." Mitch reached around him and tapped him on the shoulder. Naturally, Sky took the bait and looked to the opposite direction of Mitch.

"Hey," Sky smiled as soon as he saw Mitch. "What are you doing here, man?" He grinned more as he pulled the earbuds out.

"Come to see if you still fix electric guitars." Mitch steady himself on the children's chairs.

"Yeah, check the dumpster all the time behind the Guitar Specialist." Sky shrugged. "I thought you left town. Hadn't seen you in..you know, ages."

"I'm just working. I still play." Mitch grinned. "So whats up with you?"

"Nothing." Sky shrugged. "I got a new roommate. I'm sleeping on the couch now. He let me sleep in his bed a whole month while he was going to this training thing in Indiana." He sounded proud of the fact that he'd slept in a bed.

"A whole month?" Mitch sighed with a smile. Still he hated to think that Sky slept on a couch, but Sky didn't seem to mind. Still Mitch had an empty room back at his apartment. His sister had finally moved in with her boyfriend. She seemed settled on the idea. After all, they'd been together in their own apartment for a few months now. "Well..you, could move in with me. Have your own room. Got a bed and everything."

He couldn't think of a better guy than Sky for a roommate. He might have came off as a stoner, but he knew he was serious about music, and Mitch had known him at a time when Sky might have really been somebody, but it just hadn't worked out like it should have.

Still, he seemed pretty content working at the library.

"No way." Sky just grinned. He gritted then as if they might be shooshed if they kept up this conversation. "Really? Seriously?"

Mitch nodded. And to think he wasn't even in search of a roommate.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Things are falling perfectly into place!


Sara Gerard said...

Things are looking up!

Lady Lilith said...

Looks like he found his happy place.

ivy said...

I'm glad Mitch can help out Sky.