Wednesday, April 9, 2014

what's left of winter

What's left of Winter

Jules listened to his mother on the phone, discussing Halie's situation.

"But she and Jonah seem to be getting along lovely." His mother summed it all up that the break was over and the two were back together. "She'll have the baby by the fall."

"Great. Just great." Naturally, his mum couldn't see, he was being cynical. He just thought it was wrong. So wrong. Especially, for Jonah. "You sure, its his kiddie, mum?" Jules had to ask.

"Why? Why wouldn't it be?" Now he'd really set her off. He should have known better, but his little sister needed to be questioned.

"Dunno. You, two should talk." He didn't mean to be bitter, but he was. He really didn't think things had changed for Halie, at all. "Is she even in school, mum?"

"Well, she really has been under the weather, you know." His mother began how Halie moved back to her place since she'd had a falling out with her dad over the news of the baby.

"Mum, you can't let her have her cake and eat it, too." Jules snapped. He knew he was getting bitter, there at the coffee shop. He should know better than talk like this in public. But what would his sister care? She probably was promoting the whole ordeal like a TV show on YouTube.

"I dunno what you're getting on about?" Now his mother was getting testy.

"Never mind." He got off the phone soon enough and went to Willow who was in the back going through supplies.

He told her soon enough of Halie's predicament.

Naturally, Willow was all positive. It made Jules sick to his stomach.

"I can't let Jonah do this." He looked blankly at Willow. He got out his iPhone, again. This time he was telling Jonah what he thought.