Thursday, April 10, 2014

something to think about

Something to Think About

Jonah set motionless with his phone to his ear listening to Jules go on and on about how Halie was with this Gage, and the baby was most likely his.

"You, should just pack it in. Come home." Jules was begging now. "Are you listening? Old boy?"

Jonah stared into space. Yes, he knew it wasn't his. But this was how it was to go. He'd raise the kid as his own. It was the plan. The well laid out plan that Halie went over with him, time and time again. About what he was to say, and where they would live and it was all going to be fine. FINE. As in final..he supposed.

"I don't want, you, messing up your life this way." Jules told him. "You, can do the graphic novel from here. Hell, it would be so much easier to be right there in the room with you, than wondering if I'm second guessing you, all the time in our chats."

"I dunno. Its settled." It might as well have been in stone. He was going to be a dad.

"But will it make, you, happy?" Jules wanted to know.

"I guess." He didn't really like infants, but he liked them when they were a few months old. He'd gotten the hang of changing nappies at Gilly's. Its just..he wouldn't be at Gilly's. He would be with Halie. Alone. With the baby.

It did make him a little nervous. But there was time to get it all together. It would be fine. Halie said it would be fine.

"You, can't guess on this, Jonah." Jules told him.

Jonah said nothing, but hung up the phone. He hadn't moved in with Halie. He was still with Gilly and Fiona. His home. Everything was so right. At work, with his productive hobby. But this was Halie. Well, it was like a thorn in his side. But was there time to back out now?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things work out for them all.


Anonymous said...

Oh..I don't think Jonah should have to have this much responsibility in his life.

ivy said...

He can back out.

ivy said...

Don't do it Jonah!