Friday, April 11, 2014

what's a guy to do

What's a guy to do?

Hansen wanted to say everything was perfect with Sara. And it sort of was. Except, she liked to hang on to him all night when they were in bed. He could hardly sleep. She liked to keep the Christmas lights illuminating the room, all night long.

He wanted to say he'd been in worse conditions. There was the storage room at Jake's bar and grill that he used to call home, long before here. He'd slept on the cold floor. He'd slept on plenty of couches in his time, too.

This was suppose to be the best. And there were moments that it was. There was that thing about the music too. She loved sweet pop boy bands every-time she was in the mood. Or it got her in the MOOD. Which really scared him sometimes, at her folks house, in her room where all her MY LITTLE PONIES were lined up on the wall to watch. Hansen didn't see that one coming.. nor about the music.

He was big on the Ramones and THE CLASH. She thought that was just evil music. What kind of guy was he?

So, yes, there was that part to get used too. But he was so busy with cooking school and the two jobs, he didn't have much time to think about life with Sara.

"You, don't look so great." Gage told him as he was coming on for his shift at the deli while Hansen was getting off.

"Maybe..its just the flu." He said mainly to himself.

"Oh, really." Gage sort of laughed. "Or is it Sara?"

"What would you know?" Hansen winced.

"I dunno, maybe all this love and living together crap isn't all its cracked up to be."  Gage gave a half shrug as if he might care about Hansen.

"You gotta girlfriend?" Hansen looked at him serious.

"I got one." He was all nonchalant as if he knew the secret of the good life.

"Where is she?" Hansen wanted to know.

"Ain't around here." He smiled as if he knew a special place to go, where everything was perfect. "Man, I think you need a nap." He slapped his broad hand across Hansen's back. Hansen thought he might drop. "Try the break room. I think the couch is calling your name." Gage just grinned as he went to put on an apron to get ready for work.

Hansen thought he might sneak out to the livingroom sofa tonight, but he had a feeling Sara would come looking for him.


deb said...

oh so funny about the My Little Ponies!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gage is a funny guy.


Sara Gerard said...

I think that he need to reevaluate this living situation :/

ivy said...

It does take time to get used to new living situations.